EXCLUSIVE: JBar Reveals How He Got In A ‘Daze’ And Soulja Boy’s Summer Tour

It’s possible that the respect between artists Drake and Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em may grow from a musical collaboration to a full-out tour.

“The summer Soulja Boy hittin’ his first headlining tour,” said fellow SOD Money Gang artist JBar on “The Ralphie Radio Show” Thursday. “They gettin’ the other acts together right now… I heard Drake, that’s the only name I’ve heard so far.”

Drizzy first paid Soulja a compliment last June on “The RRS,” anointing the rapper, “the smartest artist of our generation, period.”

““Whether it’s him, whether it’s his team around him, whoever has the thoughts to do the things he does, is genius,” said Drake. Soulja Boy would later download the interview from “The RRS” blog and upload it to his own YouTube account.

Later that summer, on opening night of the America’s Most Wanted Music Festival, Soulja returned the praise while speaking with me on his tour bus.

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“Drake is a real dude. Most rappers, they don’t like to give the other rappers props,” Soulja Boy said in July. “He showed me my respect. Drake is a good artist.”

JBar says it’s possible, and that they’re looking in to it at the moment.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta-emcee is on his own tour, promoting the first single from his self-titled, debut LP, “Daze.” JBar wrote the track while in a state of reflection on Soulja Boy’s tour bus – everyone else aboard was sleeping.

“After I wrote the song, I didn’t tell anybody I wrote it,” he revealed, noting he originally penned the track in December 2008. “I didn’t let nobody hear it until I got back home on Christmas Eve and I had recorded it.”

While hanging out in the studio, he played the demo for the producer of the beat, SuperCed. Once the producer heard JBar sing the hook, he immediately asked the rapper to hop in the booth and cut it. JBar took it to Soulja on Christmas – who also fell in love with the song on the first listen. The head of SOD Money Gang laid down his verse, and JBar had his first single.

“I didn’t really think it was gonna be a song, like a single,” JBar explained when asked why he initially didn’t tell anyone about it. “I thought it was just some song I was writing… turned out to be more than that.”

JBar’s debut album drops this spring.

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