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Last weekend, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s Twitter account disappeared and then reappeared. Now it seems his first headlining tour is gone, with no word if it will also resurface.

“Just got (the) text tour is cancelled,” DJ Woogie, one of Soulja Boy’s mixtape DJs, tweeted to his followers on Wednesday. The day before Woogie typed, “NI***S F***ED ME UP WITH THIS TOUR I MISSED HELLA SHOW DOE SINCE JUNE 19TH (till) NOW!!!”

On a list of tour dates obtained by “The Ralphie Radio Show”, the “Youngest N Charge” Tour was originally slated to begin June 17 in Dallas. The trek would feature headliner Soulja Boy along with his S.O.D.M.G. crew, rapper Hurricane Chris and R&B singer Sammie, who sang the hook of S-Beezy’s hit, “Kiss Me Thru The Phone.”

“This summer Soulja Boy hittin’ his first headlining tour,” said fellow SOD Money Gang artist JBar on “The Ralphie Radio Show” last April. “They gettin’ the other acts together right now… I heard Drake, that’s the only name I’ve heard so far.”

Soulja Boy and his camp have not talked publicly about the ill-fated tour. The rapper recently performed “Pretty Boy Swag” at the BET Awards Pre-Show. The track appears to be the first single from his third LP Dre, slated for a July 28 release. The album will also feature collaborations with KanYe West and Justin Bieber.

How ironic given that last summer, Lil Wayne kicked off his “America’s Most Wanted Music Festival” in right here in NEPA at Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain. Anyways, enjoy (NOTE: NOT CLEAN VERSION!).

Big thanks to my homie DJ Woogie for putting me up on this.

It’s possible that the respect between artists Drake and Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em may grow from a musical collaboration to a full-out tour.

“The summer Soulja Boy hittin’ his first headlining tour,” said fellow SOD Money Gang artist JBar on “The Ralphie Radio Show” Thursday. “They gettin’ the other acts together right now… I heard Drake, that’s the only name I’ve heard so far.”

Drizzy first paid Soulja a compliment last June on “The RRS,” anointing the rapper, “the smartest artist of our generation, period.”

““Whether it’s him, whether it’s his team around him, whoever has the thoughts to do the things he does, is genius,” said Drake. Soulja Boy would later download the interview from “The RRS” blog and upload it to his own YouTube account.

Later that summer, on opening night of the America’s Most Wanted Music Festival, Soulja returned the praise while speaking with me on his tour bus.

Part 1: The Making of “Daze”

Part 2: DJ Woogie, Twitter, Soulja Boy’s Summer Tour

“Drake is a real dude. Most rappers, they don’t like to give the other rappers props,” Soulja Boy said in July. “He showed me my respect. Drake is a good artist.”

JBar says it’s possible, and that they’re looking in to it at the moment.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta-emcee is on his own tour, promoting the first single from his self-titled, debut LP, “Daze.” JBar wrote the track while in a state of reflection on Soulja Boy’s tour bus – everyone else aboard was sleeping.

“After I wrote the song, I didn’t tell anybody I wrote it,” he revealed, noting he originally penned the track in December 2008. “I didn’t let nobody hear it until I got back home on Christmas Eve and I had recorded it.”

While hanging out in the studio, he played the demo for the producer of the beat, SuperCed. Once the producer heard JBar sing the hook, he immediately asked the rapper to hop in the booth and cut it. JBar took it to Soulja on Christmas – who also fell in love with the song on the first listen. The head of SOD Money Gang laid down his verse, and JBar had his first single.

“I didn’t really think it was gonna be a song, like a single,” JBar explained when asked why he initially didn’t tell anyone about it. “I thought it was just some song I was writing… turned out to be more than that.”

JBar’s debut album drops this spring.

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Sean chats about his sophomore CD, new song, Twitter, working with Joel & Benji Madden, and mutual friend DJ Woogie – on The Ralphie Radio Show.

Kingston’s new CD, Tomorrow, drops August 25th.

Pandemonium. Enjoy.

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Even Soulja Boy knows that no stop to NEPA is complete without a trip to The Ralphie Radio Show.

Or Watch The Interview Below!

The following will appear in this week’s edition of The Weekender:

Last week, Scranton officially became an all-encompassing city. I couldn’t even interview Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em without drawing a connection to The Electric City.

The “Crank That” artist will visit Northeastern PA on February 26, when he performs at The Scranton Cultural Center. Soulja already has a friend in town.

DJ Woogie holds me down man,” said Soulja Boy last week, when he called into The Ralphie Radio Show. “Thought I’d never jump into the mixtape game man, but Woogie and I did it man so, you know, it’s only right for me to come down there and show love to Scranton.” 

The aforementioned “Woogie” is a product of Scranton, who still resides in the area. But, the DJ spends most of his time trotting the globe, representing the Shadyville DJs – a group of mixers handpicked by Eminem’s own, DJ Whoo Kid. In addition, Woogie spins for and with some of the biggest names in music, from Tommy Lee to Sean Kingston.

Woogie sold Soulja on releasing mixtapes – free compilations of B-sides, mash-ups, and freestyles.

Suddenly the 19 year-old rapper added a new arsenal to his repertoire. Sure, this facet of his career didn’t involve a coined dance or a million YouTube views – but the Internet certainly played a huge factor.  Over 10,000 people downloaded Soulja’s inaugural mixtape with Woogie… in its first five minutes of availability on the net.

Now Soulja is promoting his second major-label LP, iSouljaBoyTellEm. The music video for the single, “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” is already a smash on web, with over 2.7 million views.

And that’s what you can expect when you see Soulja Boy perform: music fit for dances, dances fit for YouTube, and YouTube antics fit for a live show. Here’s hoping the SCC is fit for all of the above.


You’d think an international movie star like George Clooney would pull in A-list actresses, platinum selling artists… maybe exotic looking models as partners.

Apparently, you’d think incorrectly. Danny Ocean found his last girlfriend in Las Vegas, a cocktail waitress named Sarah Larson. Now it seems Clooney moved on to a semi-professional game show contestant.

TMZ’s Leslie Harris told me that cameras caught Clooney on a date with a woman who’s gone by three different names on four different game shows. Katie, Kate, or Stephanie Moeser appeared on Hollywood Squares, The Price Is Right, Trivial Pursuit, and Don’t Forget The Lyrics – all between 2003 and 2007.

And George thought he was a player…

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01.27.09 : Soulja Boy Tell ’em f. Sammie – Kiss Me Thru The Phone
Soulja talks about the song w/ Ralphie:

Soulja & Ralphie chat about DJ Woogie & his show on Feb 26:

In the interview, Soulja chats about keeping track of his chart position, turning down Autotune, and getting crunk. A much better interview than I had anticipated.