EXCLUSIVE: Susan Finkelstein Speaks Before Sentancing On Craigslist/WS Tix Scandal

The evening before she was to appear in front of a judge for sentencing on the conviction of attempted prostitution, Craigslist user and diehard Philadelphia Phillies fan Susan Finkelstein said she had no regrets about the situation.

“I feel really comfortable with my body and with my sexuality,” Finkelstein said via telephone in an interview which aired Wednesday on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” She was referring specifically to the topless photos she sent to an undercover police officer who responded to her ad on Craigslist last fall.

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Susan’s side of the story can be read here.

The post read, “Diehard Phillies fan — gorgeous tall buxom blonde — in desperate need of two World Series tickets. Price negotiable — I’m the creative type! Maybe we can help each other!” After sending the pictures and meeting at a bar with the officer – Finkelstein was arrested and charged with prostitution. The police department held a press conference on the matter – and sent the press in to a frenzy – with Finkelstein’s mug shot appearing across the globe. A jury found her not guilty on the charge but did pass an unprecedented guilty verdict on attempted prostitution.

“That’s actually the first time anyone in Pennsylvania has been charged with it, let alone convicted of it,” revealed Finkelstein. “It really makes no sense because attempted prostitution is prostitution.”

The conviction carries a maximum sentence of one-year in jail. With the way things have played out, Finkelstein is preparing for anything.

“My lawyer and some other legal advisors that we’ve talked to have basically said it’s probably going to be probation,” she said. “But given the craziness of this situation since last October, I’m not taking anything for granted.”

While some things in her life have changed drastically since the incident made international headlines, you might be surprised to hear that other aspects haven’t: yes she was fired from her full-time job, but she’s still happily married to a husband that she says has been “very supportive” through the entire process. Finkelstein has also attended a few Phillies games this year, at the urging of close friends.

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