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EXCLUSIVE: Susan Finkelstein Speaks Before Sentancing On Craigslist/WS Tix Scandal

The evening before she was to appear in front of a judge for sentencing on the conviction of attempted prostitution, Craigslist user and diehard Philadelphia Phillies fan Susan Finkelstein said she had no regrets about the situation. “I feel really comfortable with my body and with my sexuality,” Finkelstein said via telephone in an interview… Read more »

The Most Unique Defense Used In A Prostitution Case…

Remember the Philadelphia Phillies fan who posted a Craigslist ad last October offering, well, “services”, in exchange for World Series tickets? William J. Brennan, the attorney for Susan Finkelstein, used quite the defense while attempting to protect his client in court last Friday.What exactly did he say? I’d rather not repear… click here for more.