EXCLUSIVE: Joel and Benji Reveal New Good Charlotte LP ‘Over 50% Done’ Before Restarting

“I had been in the studio from noon to midnight for two months straight, working on that,” revealed Joel Madden of exactly how much he poured in to the first version of Good Charlotte’s new album Cardiology. “(It was) about half way (done)… maybe a little more.”

But the band didn’t agree with the “single-driven” approach of producer Howard Benson – so the group stopped, scratched everything recorded, and started fresh with Don Gilmore. This pushed back the release of the LP to November 2. The first single, “Like It’s Her Birthday” is currently gaining airplay on radio stations across the country.

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The Madden brothers talked about the lead single as well as the song “Sex on the Radio” off the album, which drops November 2.

“There’s a few birthdays I don’t remember, and there’s an album cycle I completely… just doesn’t register,” joked Benji Madden… or at least, I thought he was kidding. “The third record (The Chronicles of Life and Death), I really can’t make out much.”

You might assume that the harder partying days are behind the Madden brothers – especially for Joel – who is now the father of two children and engaged to Nicole Richie. The lead singer also campaigned for Barack Obama during his 2008 Presidential bid. The Madden’s are from Maryland, but Joel’s work didn’t earn them any special trips to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“I feel like everyone in Maryland knows somebody that works with somebody that works with the White House,” noted Joel, dismissing the notion that he should receive any type of special treatment. “It could probably happen with some work… I was definitely a big supporter of President Obama, and still am, but that was truly just because I believed in it.”

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