EXCLUSIVE: BC Jean Claims Beyoncé Didn’t Steal ‘If I Were A Boy’

There are usually at least two sides to every story. There might even be a few more if you’re speaking about the tale of how Beyoncé Knowles received the song “If I Were A Boy.”

If you’re unaware – that track is the only cut off of I Am… Sasha Fierce that Beyoncé didn’t receive a writing credit for. BC Jean wrote the track with producer Toby Gad. Knowles’ camp allegedly heard the song from Gad’s people and wanted it… badly.

This is where the story becomes more interesting. Fox News’ Roger Friedman wrote an article in October 2008 that accused “B” of stealing the single from BC. The report states that Jean didn’t even know of Beyoncé’s interest in the track until after Knowles recorded it – when a stranger called to notify Jean. BC’s mom/manager Lori Carlson couldn’t comment on the record to Fox, but Friedman reported that eventually the two sides came to an agreement. Part of the deal includes a provision that Beyoncé will record a duet with BC for the younger singer’s first album.

Dirty and disturbing, right? I thought the same, and so with BC in studio on “The Ralphie Radio Show” Thursday, I sought out her side of the story directly. I was surprised at what I heard.

“I wrote ‘If I Were A Boy’ three years ago, and it was my first heart break,” Jean confessed, before sharing the tale of how her and Gad were walking through Times Square, eating unhealthy food, discussing BC’s love life, or lack thereof. “Next thing I know, I was writing honest lyrics and it turned out to be ‘If I Were A Boy’ thirty minutes later.”

Here’s where her story veers off from others that you’ve read online.

“I was shopping it to labels, and it was going to be my single, and then I heard Beyoncé wanted to sing it,” Jean recalled. “Which is so weird and surreal, its like, ‘How did Beyoncé hear my demo?’ It didn’t make any sense.”

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Quickly I interjected that Jay-Z’s wife heard it through Gad, which Jean confirmed, saying it was him or someone from his team. She continued.

“And then… and then, she was singing it. And then I had more labels interested and now I’ve been working on my record for about a year and a half and my single, ‘Just A Guy’ came out,” she said – I’m pretty sure skipping over a fact or two in the process. “’If I Were A Boy’ will be on my record as well, the original version.”

With the Fox report in hand, I asked BC if she had heard of Beyoncé’s interest from someone other than Gad, after the former Destiny’s Child singer had already recorded the song.

“The story is not as bad as everyone’s saying it is,” Jean attempted to clarify. “It’s pretty much, the best break-up ever, and the best experience ever and again, it’ll be on my album coming out in January!”

Nice plug, but hold up BC. This “best experience” idea is the complete opposite from what I’m reading here on the “Internets.” I immediately directly referenced the Fox article and held it up. Jean claimed she hadn’t read it. Her mom declined comment, and two years later a quick Google search yielded the page, so sure, maybe she hasn’t read it – but when I read it back to her I received a “gasp” – as if she was surprised at the contents. Sensing that something was “off”, I asked BC point-blank about the article’s claim that in exchange for “If I Were A Boy,” Beyoncé would guest on BC’s album.

“Well, that would be awesome… we’ll see… stay tuned,” Jean responded. “The album’s not completely done yet.”

And apparently, neither is the story behind the number one hit, which has sold over two million copies to date in the United States.

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