EXCLUSIVE: Mitchel Musso Would Rather Keep His Life On The DL

It seems these days, most Disney stars start on the small screen, transition to the big screen, make a sharp right for the recording studio, and then find themselves on TMZ.com. Mitchel Musso is attempting to break the trend – so far, so good.

“A lot of those little teen celebrities, they want to be on TMZ,” Musso insisted. The “Hannah Montana” star called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” to promote his second LP, Brainstorm, which hits Wal-Mart shelves this Monday. “They live for that stuff. People you see on it probably want it.”

Musso’s perspective differs from the other idea that celebrity blogs like TMZ are prying in to people’s personal space. The actor/singer suggests the exact opposite: the stars are opening their lives for gossip blog consumption.

“TMZ doesn’t just walk up to me and start talking to me. They go, ‘Hey Mitch, mind if we ask you a couple questions?’” explained Musso. “And I’m like, ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Most of the time, I’ll be like, ‘Yo man, I’d rather not, but I’ll talk to you (instead of the camera).’”


Brainstorm hits Wal-Mart on Monday, November 22.

“They ask us when they do things like that,” he continued. “It’s almost scripted. It kind of makes everybody look like a joke, and I’m sorry for letting out the truth, but I’m so sick of hearing about all these (gossip websites) are so bad because they are looking in to these people’s lives. No, these people are telling their lives.”

During our 10 minute chat, Musso had no qualms talking about the latest in his life: from the end of Disney’s “Hannah Montana” to the reasoning behind releasing his new album exclusively at Wal-Mart.

“Yunno I just signed off on being my own label, I’m so excited, you have no idea,” the newly independent Musso told me. “But overall, just being able to go off and do my own thing and having Wal-Mart come to the door and say they want to do ‘this, and this, and this’… of course!”

The 19 year-old certainly sees where the record business is headed, with the consolidation and no promises from a major label that you’ll even be able to release a full album. This made Musso more apt to go independent while jumping at the chance to have a large national retail store promote his music.

And that’s a trend that he clearly doesn’t mind following.

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