EXCLUSIVE: Kimberly Caldwell in ‘Better Place’; To Release Debut LP This Spring

Kimberly Caldwell is still living Without Regret – literally and figuratively.

“It would be a little ironic if it was called, Without Regret and then I was like, ‘I really regret that title,’” she joked of her album – which was originally slated to be released in April 2010. With a new feel and revamped material, Capitol Records set the new date at April 19 of this year. “A lot of the songs that were originally on the album were a little dark and heavy and stuff like that, and it was just kind of the place I was in at the time.”

Oh, how a year changes things. Caldwell and her label reconvened and reshot the album cover and promo photos – transitioning from a black background, almost evil looking Kimberly to a singer who’s wearing light colors and even smiling. The former “American Idol” contestant attributes the change to the “better place” she’s currently living in.


UPDATE: After the interview it was revealed that Without Regret is scheduled to be released on April 19.

“Everybody grows and everybody changes, and I’m happy where I am now,” said Caldwell, who wouldn’t divulge any other details, at least regarding her personal life – instead joking that she was a lesbian who was dating Melissa Etheridge.

“Wow, I really hope this rumor actually starts!” Caldwell cracked, clearly amused by the possibilities of the gossip rags taking off with the faux-story. “How great would that be? Check it out on TMZ today; you heard it first on Ralphie’s show!”

All kidding aside – Caldwell’s path to this point has been anything but typical. While other finalists on season 2 of American Idol attempted to launch music careers immediately (see: Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Kimberly Locke), Kimberly jumped in to TV hosting – landing correspondent roles with CNN and the TV Guide Network. The singer felt that with the television opportunities and the market becoming oversaturated with artists from the show, it might be best to put the album aspirations off. Now eight years removed from “Idol” – Caldwell hopes to return to her musical roots.

“You know what’s so funny, people always apologize for (not watching “American Idol”), they’re always like, ‘I’m really sorry that I didn’t see you on Idol,’ said Caldwell back in February of 2010 when she first joined me in studio to promote her single, “Mess of You.” “I’m like, ‘It’s okay! I don’t control your TV schedule.’”

Soon enough, Caldwell will be looking to at least influence what they buy on iTunes.

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