AUDIO: Lady GaGa, In Her Own Words, on Hit Records

Back in October 2008, a then relatively-unknown artist by the name of Lady GaGa called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” and talked about her trials and tribulations in getting radio stations to accept her first single, “Just Dance.”

“Yunno, stations don’t know what to make of (‘Just Dance’),” said GaGa. “They’re like, ‘Is it a dance record? Is it a pop record? Is it a R&B record? But it’s kind of rock-y. Then she says playboy!’ No one knows what to think of it.”

Thankfully for GaGa, radio programmers and their audience eventually thought of it as a number one song.

“A hit record breaks every rule,” the pop star responded to my comment that regardless of genre, a good song deserves radio airplay.

Since that time, Lady GaGa has gone on to break almost every rule, record, and stereotype in becoming one of the world’s most dominant forces in music. Her first single from her second album, Born This Way, received far more support from radio at it’s release – stations were falling over each other to be the first to spin the song.

Keeping with her motto of “a hit record breaks every rule,” GaGa released a country version of her most successful single-to-date.

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