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RALPHIE REWIND: Lady GaGa Interview from October 28, 2008 (Release Date of ‘The Fame’)

Lady GaGa has been busy promoting her new album, Born This Way. She performed on “Saturday Night Live” and “Oprah” – mentored kids on “American Idol” – and debuted a concert special on HBO.What a difference an album makes.The last full length LP GaGa released was The Fame. On the date of the album’s release,… Read more »

GaGa’s Manager Flip-Flops, Approves Weird Al’s ‘Born This Way’ Parody

The New York Times’ reporter Dave Itzkoff broke the news earlier tonight that Lady GaGa’s manager (presumably Troy Carter) has flip-flopped on his initial decision to prohibit “Weird Al” Yankovic from releasing a parody GaGa’s hit, “Born This Way.” Despite first telling Yankovic that the denial came straight from the singer herself, GaGa’s manager now… Read more »

AUDIO: Lady GaGa, In Her Own Words, on Hit Records

Back in October 2008, a then relatively-unknown artist by the name of Lady GaGa called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” and talked about her trials and tribulations in getting radio stations to accept her first single, “Just Dance.”“Yunno, stations don’t know what to make of (‘Just Dance’),” said GaGa. “They’re like, ‘Is it a… Read more »