RALPHIE REWIND: Lady GaGa Interview from October 28, 2008 (Release Date of ‘The Fame’)

Lady GaGa has been busy promoting her new album, Born This Way. She performed on “Saturday Night Live” and “Oprah” – mentored kids on “American Idol” – and debuted a concert special on HBO.

What a difference an album makes.

The last full length LP GaGa released was The Fame. On the date of the album’s release, GaGa was on tour supporting New Kids on the Block. She also made a little bit of time to call in to “The Ralphie Radio Show.”

With the release of GaGa’s new album, I decided to re-air this interview, for the first time in it’s entirety, on Monday evening. What I feel is most noteworthy about the piece is the difference in Lady GaGa’s tone and message then and now. Back then, it was more about partying than politics. She sounded more like a New Yorker trying to have a good time – not an icon trying to spread a message of equality. Don’t misread me: I’m not saying the change is for the worse. I applaud GaGa for tackling issues of substance with her reach and influence. But, as you’ll hear in the audio, it is a change nonetheless.

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