AUDIO: Dietitian John Rickards on Healthy Big Game Party Eats


Sunday’s Big Game is historically known to yield equally big calorie intakes for Americans across the country. John Rickards, a registered dietitian based in Philadelphia, shared a plethora of ways and ideas that you could enjoy some of your favorite foods without the Monday quarterback second guessing.

– Implement a game plan: perhaps only eat during halftime or a certain part of the game.
– Eat thin crust pizza to cut down carbs and/or add vegetables to the pizza for extra nutritional value.
– Skip the wings and use Buffalo wing sauce to flavor grilled chicken breasts.
– Light beer can save you 50-70 calories over regular beer.
– Eat snacks that keep you active, such as pistachios or peanuts still in the shell.
– Avoid layered dips for guacamole (high nutritional value) or salsa (low in calories).

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