INTERVIEW: Maino Teams With YuuZoo to Launch His Own Social Network

Musical artists are constantly using different social networks to interact with fans, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Tumblr. But some artists, such as Maino, are putting a different twist on the approach. The rapper teamed up with YuuZoo to launch his own social platform. He celebrated its launch last week inside Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club.


“It doesn’t take the place of Facebook, it actually works in accordance with it,” Maino explained. “You have all of this information in one [site], instead of having to log on and jump to different sites.”

In addition to fans of Maino’s finding the network as a “one stop shop” for all things pertaining to the artist, the emcee also benefits in having his own outlet to communicate with his supporters.

“Now I can promote directly; my tour dates, whatever project I’m working on, whatever single it is, anything I’m doing outside of music,” he said. “Everything will be updated. Everything is there for the fans to see.”

The Brooklyn-bred rhymer has a lot to talk about with his fans these days. His last album, Day After Tomorrow, dropped in February and spawned two Top 20 singles. Maino plans to release an EP, Still Unstoppable, this summer.

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