INTERVIEW: Wayne Brady Not in Favor of Romney’s Plan to Cut PBS Funding

Wayne Brady didn’t get a chance to watch the first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. When I told him about Romney’s plan to cut subsidies for programs like PBS, I wasn’t sure if Wayne Brady was gonna have to choke a… you get the idea.

“As a child of PBS, I really say that a lot of what I learned in life as a kid, I learned from watching PBS,” explained Brady, who called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” to promote his improv-comedy tour. “You would just think that someone who wants to run this country would want America to have the best and brightest.”


While Brady was clearly not pleased with the Governor’s stance on the issue, the comedians alluded to an even greater problem he has with the Romney campaign.

“If you take music out of schools, and then you’re going to try and snatch away PBS, he wants a nation full of drones,” Brady concluded. “I guess coming from Romney, that might be apropos.”

It didn’t surprise me that a conversation with Wayne Brady would be wide-ranging given the variety of work he has accomplished in his career. While maybe best known for “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and that infamous sketch on “Chappelle Show,” Brady is also an actor, singer, and current TV host of the game show, “Let’s Make A Deal.”

“Even after all these years I’ll get stopped on the streets, ‘Hey man I love ‘Whose Line’ and c’mon, you really didn’t make all that stuff up? Tell me man, I’m your buddy,” Brady explained. “First off, I just met you 6.8 seconds ago, so I probably won’t confide in you. And secondly, yes, it’s all improvised.”

And yes, people still want Brady to say, “the line,” – the rhetorical question he asks while playing himself as a pimp in a skit on “Chappelle Show” when he wonders aloud if he will have to choke a prostitute.

“It was a funny sketch; it’s in the Museum of TV History as one of the best sketches of all time so you can’t ask for anything more than that,” he said, while also stating that he will not repeat the line to a stranger who approaches him. “Now I’m doing something else. And leave me alone, while I’m in the bathroom. I’m not going to say that while you’re standing next to me, and I’m peeing.”

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