INTERVIEW: Cee Lo Green Reveals New Projects in Exclusive Post-Rockefeller Center Interview

The “hardest working man in showbiz” moniker is tossed around quite a bit these days, but Cee Lo Green is one who may actually be quite deserving of the title. His current mid-week stretch is one to marvel at.

“It was even later than the red-eye, because it was delayed due to whatever weather was going on here,” Green said of the flight he took in to New York Wednesday morning. “The Voice” coach performed live in Los Angeles with Kermit the Frog as a part of the TV show’s Tuesday night episode. Then, Green linked up with The Muppets and sang at the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony in Manhattan. “Yeah man, I’m right out of here in the morning, going back to do ‘The Voice’ tomorrow.”

The “Forget You” singer, who squeezed in an exclusive studio visit to 95.5 PLJ’s “The Ralphie Show” after the tree lighting, doesn’t take his hectic schedule too seriously.

“Don’t give me too much credit man, I just don’t have a choice,” he said before letting out a laugh. “I’m doing what I love man, so it seems a lot less than work. I really enjoy what I’m doing.”

Green just released, Cee Lo’s Magic Moment, a holiday album that features covers of classics and collaborations with A-listers, from his fellow “Voice” coach Christina Aguilera to the aforementioned Muppets.

“Almost everyone grew up with the Muppets, and I’m just a big fan,” he said of the song, “All I Need Is Love.” “I’m really just gracious that they would just honor me with their presence and allow me to collaborate with them.”

Cee Lo also took on Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas.” He received Mariah’s blessing through her husband.

“Me and Nick (Cannon) have been friends for years,” Green said. He saw Carey, who also performed at Rockefeller Center, on Wednesday night.

Usher Raymond is another one of Green’s friends; the two grew up together in Atlanta. Raymond will replace Cee Lo next season on “The Voice.” At first, Green admitted he didn’t know how Usher would fare.

“It takes an awful lot of personality and quick wittiness at times, but he is very accomplished,” he said. “I know him very well and if I was to share the seat with anybody, it would be him.”

Green will be taking season four of the singing competition off to take part in a plethora of projects – from a Las Vegas residency and a solo album to an autobiography and a new Goodie Mob release.

“We’re well in to that,” Green updated on the Goodie Mob project. “Looking forward to releasing that at the top of the year.”

Apparently Green hasn’t forgotten about you Gnarls Barkley fans, either.

“I just talked to Danger Mouse recently, and we’re going to try to squeeze it in,” Cee Lo revealed. “Just knowing him and our chemistry, things kind of flow pretty quickly. So, I don’t really know what new page he’s on production-wise, but I’d be really, really excited to hear what he’s working on new, and I’ll dial right in.”

At this pace, Green would have to take two seasons off of “The Voice” to complete everything… thankfully, he clearly has no issues with running a full schedule.

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