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T.I. is recording material for a new album, and according to one artist he collaborated with, is in good spirits as he prepares new tracks for his forthcoming LP.

“Oh yeah, he’s definitely got a lot to prove,” remarked B.O.B. The Atlanta emcee is signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle label, distributed by Atlantic. “(He has) a lot of motivation.”

Authorities released the “Live Your Life” rapper from prison to a halfway house last December. T.I., real name Clifford Harris, is permitted to leave the house on weekdays for work purposes, but must return by evening. Jim Jonsin, who has produced a plethora of hits, including “Whatever You Like”, is also confirmed to be working on the project. T.I. will leave the halfway house on March 26.

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On Monday, after the interview with B.O.B, T.I.P made his first public appearance, at a charity event organized by his fiancée, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle. He also created a Twitter account. Already “Verified”, there is only one tweet from username “Tip”, a tease for a “major announcement” coming next Monday at T.I.’s website,, with the hash tag “#kingsback.”

“We actually got in the studio recently, recorded a track for his album,” B.O.B said on working with the head of his label. Although later he clarified that the song may not appear on T.I.’s album, but will see the light of day in some form or fashion.

B.O.B’s LP, B.O.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray, hits stores on April 27 – actually pushed up from an original May release date due to the success of the single, “Nothin’ On You”, which features Bruno Mars. The emcee is currently on tour with Lupe Fiasco.

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“Day ‘N Nite” rapper Kid Cudi calls up The Ralphie Radio Show to chat about his hit single, new CD, and KanYe West.

In an interview on, “The Ralphie Radio Show”, hip-hop artist Kid Cudi announced that the title of his album is now, Man On The Moon: The End of Day – a switch from Man On The Moon: The Guardian.

The Guardian concept was solely gonna be based around my features,” Cudi, real name Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, explained. “Bein’ that I changed it up so that I was gonna have less features, I wanted to change the story up so that it’d be more focused on me.”

Certainly this makes sense for the Cleveland-born emcee, whose major label debut LP drops August 25. Although, the amount of features might have remained the same, if it were not for both Lily Allen and Outkast’s Andre 3000 declining cameo requests. Cudi cited scheduling conflicts as the reason the artists would not be on the album. But, Kanye West’s protégé is “OK” with that – as the change in direction forces Cudi to center the CD on his own skills.

“It just made me realize that I should focus more on my writing, me putting together records, knowing that I have to show and prove.”

At least as far as writing – Kid’s already done just that – first by co-writing a top 5 hit for the aforementioned West in “Heartless”. Although he’s seen bits and pieces, Cudi did not watch the entire Kanye parody on South Park, complete with the track, “Gay Fish” – a take on “Heartless.”

“Every icon gets made fun of,” said Cudi. “Yunno, it was witty – okay, they thought it was witty, okay… you can’t necessarily beat yourself up about it.”