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Growing up in Mamaroneck, NY, Carly Rose Sonenclar is no stranger to Rye Playland.

“I used to go all the time,” she recalled during a sit-down interview with “The Ralphie Show.” “I haven’t gone in a while for the rides, but my friends and I are going to try and do that.”

But first, Sonenclar has a bit of business to attend to. The 14 year-old star is headlining her first ever concert at the amusement park this Saturday. She follows that up with a performance at the Encore Events Center in Freehold, NJ on Sunday. Info on purchasing tickets can be found on Carly Rose’s official website.

“Some of my friends said they’re going to try to watch me from the Ferris wheel,” Sonenclar said of Saturday’s show. “I don’t know how that’s going to work.”

“The X-Factor” runner-up will head to the west coast in July for a third performance at a place she used to hang out at while she competed on the show: the Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles. Sonenclar divulged that while there, she is also looking forward to recording in the studio. The teenager hopes to write and record on both coasts while traveling this summer.

Sonenclar released her latest cover online about three weeks ago, taking on One Direction’s “Stole My Heart.” She’ll wrap her summer of concerts on August 10 with a headlining gig at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square.

Carly Rose Sonenclar kept it in “The X-Factor” family for her next YouTube cover, in which she sings another artist’s song. This time she tackled One Direction’s “Stole My Heart.”

“I think this is going to be a fan favorite,” Sonenclar told “The Ralphie Show” of the song selection back in April, before she had announced it. “(It’s) from an artist that (my fans) really like.”

The X-Factor runner-up revealed to me that she doesn’t have a specific method for choosing songs to cover and post online. Sonenclar has posted songs she has done for the reality show and tracks that were popular with her supporters. She’ll perform more covers, and possibly a new single as well, when she performs at the Best Buy Theater on August 10.

Most 14 year-olds aren’t taking time off of school to do press surrounding their first headlining concert. Of course, Carly Rose Sonenclar isn’t your typical teenager. “The Westchester, NY-native and “X-Factor” runner-up will play the Best Buy Theater on August 10.

“On the way here I was driving by, and I drove past the Best Buy (Theater) and I was just kind of like… smiling,” the singer gushed in an interview with 95.5 PLJ’s “The Ralphie Show.” “I couldn’t even believe it.”

This is the first show that Sonenclar will be the top bill for. In between school finals and other ordinary teenage escapades, she’s planning out the show’s set list.

“We have some ideas,” Sonenclar revealed. “I’ve never worked on anything like this before. It’s really fun.”

The set-list will include covers she’s performed on both the TV show and her YouTube account. The artist thinks there might be room to perform one original song. Sonenclar is currently in “pre-production on her first solo album with Simon Cowell’s SYCO Music. After informing Carly Rose that her fans, aptly named “Carly’s Angels” aren’t too thrilled with that term, she explained exactly what it entails.

“Basically, it’s just the early stages,” Sonenclar responded, referring to the album creation process. “It’s going to require patience, and for me as well. I’m going continue to be putting covers out on YouTube and I have the show coming up, but like as far as the album goes, it might be a little bit longer.”

As surreal as it was for a 14 year-old to preach about patience, Sonenclar showed her maturity even more in explaining why she isn’t in a rush to release new material.

“I want to be an artist that’s here for the long-run, not someone who puts out an album tomorrow and then by the time the next run of ‘The X-Factor’ comes around people are forgetting about me,” she explained. “I’d rather, yunno, if it takes waiting a little bit longer so that in the end, I stay in the music business for longer, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

When we were first introduced to Carly Rose on national TV, judge L.A. Reid referred to her as, “an old soul.” Apparently that characterization extends beyond her vocal range.

More info on the all ages show is available here. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Carly Rose Sonenclar stopped by “The Ralphie Show” to chat about her upcoming headlining show at the Best Buy Theater on August 10. More info on the all ages show is available here.

Sonenclar visited the studio on the day before her 14th birthday, so we decided to surprise her with a special treat! Hear her full interview Monday night April 22 on “The Ralphie Show.”

Good news for “Carly’s Angels” – the name given to fans of Carly Rose Sonenclar. It seems “The X-Factor” runner-up will have no problem releasing her album to the masses.


“I’m in pre-production on my album,” Sonenclar told me inside the Hard Rock Café in Times Square. The Westchester-native attended J-14’s Little Mix showcase. “I got signed to Simon Cowell’s company, so they picked up my recording option, which I’m very happy about.”

The 13 year-old has good reason to be pleased. It is hard enough for winners, let alone second and third place finishers, to release music on a large scale following a reality TV show. Now signed with Cowell’s SYCO Music, Sonenclar is almost guaranteed a major record label debut with Sony Music Entertainment – probably through either the Epic or Columbia Records imprint.

“I’ve been in the studio, I’m finishing school, and stuff like that,” said the teenager, who is back in New York where she will record most of her music. Sonenclar even brought a group of her friends down to red carpet at the Hard Rock Café for the event.

Another friend that Carly Rose hopes to talk with soon is Britney Spears.

“She just switched agents to my agent, so now hopefully I’m going to be able to get in touch with her,” she said. Spears left William Morris Endeavor for Creative Artists Agency after calling off her engagement with Jason Trawick. He represented Spears, but later stepped down as her agent to focus on their relationship.

In an interview on 95.5 PLJ’s “The Ralphie Show,” Carly Rose Sonenclar revealed that she will be performing this week on “The X-Factor,” despite coming down with strep throat.


“I hope not… I don’t know,” the 13 year-old responded when asked if she felt it might affect her performance. “It’s unfortunate but I can’t not do the show.”

The Westchester-native, who has consistently wowed all four judges, said her nerves are already up, as she has never had to perform in front of so many people while sick.

“I went to the doctor and I’m on antibiotics so I should be fine by then but I mean, I don’t know,” Sonenclar said. “I just hope I am.”

This week, contestants will choose songs based on giving thanks to someone that is important to them. The theme coincides with the results show, which airs Thanksgiving night on FOX.