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On WBRE’s “PA Live!” for this week’s “The Ralphie Report,” I talked about DMX and “American Idol” contestants Elise Testone and Erika Van Pelt.

It has been six years since rapper DMX released a studio album prior to dropping Undisputed last Tuesday. While the “Ruff Ryder” has not lost his bark, it definitely seems as if he is more deliberate with his bite.


“Music always evolves and morphs into different things,” X said in explaining his stance on the current state of hip-hop. The rapper called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” last week. “At the same time, man you got young minorities who are successful. Not only that person, but I’m sure he has a crew with him… that’s at least 10 people with a job, doing something positive. Whether I approve it or not, I’m glad that they’re successful in what they’re doing.”

The emcee, born Earl Simmons, is not just talking a big game. His new disposition has kept him out of trouble with the law for over a year, and afforded him the time to write and record his latest LP.

“I’m just focused on my music again,” he said. “To have it taken from me, I learned to appreciate it as much as I do now. When I went in for this album, I felt like I did when I recorded my first album. I was hungry for it. I wanted it. I needed it.”

Certainly fans that discovered DMX with 1998’s It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot are happy to hear him rapping instead of reading about him on TMZ. But now in 2012, there are a whole new generation of hip-hop fans that may know X more for those headlines. The rapper notes that he was not influenced by a potential new audience when recording this album.

“The beauty in the truth is that it’s timeless,” X said. “It will reach every generation, as long as you keep it the truth.”

DMX believes his new music can do just that. The rapper released the album on September 11, and will donate his proceeds from first week sales to 9/11 victims and families. X also briefly commented on his still-in-progress gospel music album. The New Yorker said the LP is “definitely coming” and is “pretty much done.”

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DMX is a free man, for the time being. TMZ’s Leslie Harris talks about his latest incarceration on The Ralphie Radio Show.

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From TMZ:

“DMX was released from the Maricopa County Jail in Arizona this morning — and, surprisingly enough, he hasn’t been arrested for anything yet. Emphasis on “yet.”

X was sprung from his home away from home at around 4 AM after serving 90 days in jail — the minimum sentence for pleading guilty to the following: cruelty to animals, possession of narcotic drugs, theft and possession of marijuana.”