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Any good singer and/or songwriter says that a hit record that resonates with people has real emotion in it. And if there’s one thing pop star Shontelle Layne does not lack, it’s real emotion in her songs. For example, there was an actual guy and a “T-Shirt” which inspired her first hit. The Bajan singer’s biggest single to date, “Impossible” – was also relatable at the time she recorded it. Now, comes “Say Hello to Goodbye,” Shontelle’s next single from her sophomore LP, No Gravity. Apparently when she went in to the booth to cut this one, the emotion was almost too real.

“I was going through something at the time, and it was so real to me,” said Layne of the track during an interview on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “It took me over two days to record it, because the producer was like, ‘Dude, okay, I get it about being real, but honestly, you’re crying so much we can’t even understand what you’re saying.'”

Layne took the rest of the day off and ordered room service before hopping back in to the studio. Martin Hansen produced the power-ballad, which is a slight departure for Shontelle’s R&B/pop sound in that it does mix in some heavy guitars.

“When I first thought about doing, ‘Say Hello to Goodbye,’ everyone was like, ‘Are you crazy? This sounds like a pop/country/rock ballad. What are you doing? No one is gonna get this from you,'” she recalled. “I just feel it… it just feels right.”

Shontelle can only hope that her audience feels the same way about “Say Hello” as they did about her platinum-selling single, “Impossible.” Funny thing is, that song almost wasn’t even Shontelle’s to sing – Leona Lewis turned it down first.

“Maybe (Lewis) just couldn’t relate at the time or what, but it worked out for me,” Layne said. The singer knew of the rumor of that “Impossible” was offered to Lewis first, but didn’t receive confirmation until a recent trip overseas. “Thank you Leona! You’re my home girl.”

Shontelle was overseas touring the UK with Jason Derulo. She believes the two will link up sooner rather than later in Miami to collaborate on a track. Meanwhile, Layne is preparing for her own tour across the U.S. – which she hopes to kick off later this year.

Forget pimpin’… tweetin’ ain’t easy these days – even if you’re an international superstar with over 20,000 followers on the social networking site.

Shontelle Layne found that out the hard way – as imposter after imposter created accounts on Twitter claiming that they were the real Shontelle. But, there’s only one (@Shontelle_Layne), and now that is undisputable, as Layne’s account is “Verified.”

Twitter Verification is the process by which Twitter puts its official stamp of approval on an account’s claim that he/she/it represents what the user claims. A baby blue and white “check mark” along with the words “Verified Account” appears in the upper right hand corner of the profile. There’s only one form of verification, yet a number of methods to obtaining it. Layne broke it down during an interview on “The Ralphie Radio Show,” prefacing the story by admitting the processes can be both complicated and frustrating.

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“There’s two ways you can do it – if you know people on the inside, like you can contact Caroline or whoever that are on the inside,” Shontelle revealed, with a quick name-drop in the process. “Or you can just do what everyone else has to do, which is go to (Twitter’s) support on-line, and submit one of those verification request forms.”

Layne admits her management took care of the process, although she has a hunch that her “twarmy” – passionate stable of fans on Twitter – played a role in the outcome.

“My management had been on it for a minute, and then suddenly my followers got really annoyed ‘cause of all the imposters,” she recalled. “They literally did this thing called a ‘twitition.’ I don’t know what that is, but it spams everyone out.”

Shontelle said that the Twitter petition spread quickly, and soon her followers were “at replying” the artist, requesting that she check her profile to see the change. Layne finally received her blue and white check mark, and suddenly tweetin’ became a little easier for the Barbados-born singer.

The artist is currently finishing up her sophomore LP, No Gravity. “Impossible” is gaining airplay on mainstream stations across the country.