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Here’s How One Direction And BuzzFeed Resurrected BK’s Chicken Fries

When One Direction and BuzzFeed join forces, even inadvertently, almost anything is possible. Excuse the hyperbole, especially given that there’s only one instance of this… but still! Burger King not only brought back its chicken fries but released a second version this summer because of the boy band and the website. This story traces back… Read more »

INTERVIEW: One Direction’s Liam Payne Says Media Coverage of Harry and Taylor Is ‘How It Works’

It has now reached the point where One Direction’s popularity is greater in the U.S. than in England. If the sold out concerts, number one album, and mobs of fans following the boys’ every move doesn’t point to this – perhaps the media’s coverage of Harry Styles’ relationship with Taylor Swift does. “It’s all good…. Read more »