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INTERVIEW: Maria Menounos Talks Oscars

Over 14.7 million tweets were sent out Sunday evening during the 86th Academy Awards. The telecast, buoyed by big performances and host Ellen DeGeneres, saw a 10-year high in ratings. About 43 million Americans watched the 3-and-a-half hour broadcast. It is the highest rated entertainment program since the series finale of the sitcom “Friends.” Speaking… Read more »

AUDIO: Extra’s Maria Menounos On Paul Walker’s Death

“Extra” host Maria Menounos called in to “The Ralphie Show” to talk about the circumstances and investigation surrounding the death of actor Paul Walker. The “Fast and Furious” star died in a car accident over the weekend. Just a few weeks prior, Walker sat down with “Extra” during a junket for an upcoming release. Menounos… Read more »

INTERVIEW: ‘Extra’s’ Maria Menounos on JLo/’Idol’ Rumors

“Extra” host Maria Menounos called in to “The Ralphie Show” and talked about “Extra’s” recent interview with Jennifer Lopez. The singer dodged a question about returning to “American Idol” next platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerSpeaking of singing competitions, “Extra” will be filming with all four judges from “The Voice” and host Carson Daly this Monday… Read more »

INTERVIEW: ‘Extra’s’ Maria Menounos Talks Kim Kardashian, Filling In For Kelly Ripa

“Extra” host Maria Menounos called in to “The Ralphie Show” and shed some light on her recent interview with Kim platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerMenounos filled in for Kelly Ripa on “Live! with Kelly and Michael” last Thursday morning.

INTERVIEW: Maria Menounos Doesn’t Know About The Red Sox Clubhouse Problems

Maria Menounos was born in Massachusetts and has had no problem representing and supporting New England’s professional sports teams on local and national platforms. So did she really not know about all of those reports surrounding the Red Sox and their clubhouse antics, or was she simply playing coy as to not upset anyone in… Read more »