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RRS EXCLUSIVE: Kid Cudi Apologizes To Vancouver Student He Punched

In an interview on “The Ralphie Radio Show”, 20 year-old Michael Sharpe says Kid Cudi reached out to him and apologized for punching the college student at a show over two months ago in Vancouver. The original incident stemmed from a concert on December 11 of last year in Canada. Cudi played two events that… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Alleged Kid Cudi Punching Victim Says He Hasn’t Received An Apology

Michael Sharpe, the 19 year-old college student who says he received a haymaker from one of his favorite emcee’s, Kid Cudi, now says he still hasn’t received an apology. Sharpe checked in from the Phillipines, where he’s home on winter break. Just five days ago, the college student thought he did the right thing by… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Kid Cudi Off Of Lady GaGa Tour (Original Report)

Okay, before I get in to the story, let’s post this:That is a screen shot of my blog earlier today with the story that I initially broke in regards to Kid Cudi. If you read the screen shot, you know the details of the story. A source at Interscope Records confirmed to me that Kid… Read more »

RRS EXCLUSIVE: Michael Sharpe Says Alleged Kid Cudi Manager Reaches Out

Download the mp3 Days after allegedly being on the receiving end of a haymaker from Kid Cudi during a show in Vancouver, 19 year-old Michael Sharpe called The RRS to explain why he won’t press charges, and how Cudi’s people may in fact be reaching out to him…Video of the incident is below: