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EXCLUSIVE: Justin Timberlake Fails to Tip at His Restaurant… Again

For those keeping score at home, Justin Timberlake is down to his last strike. Over a week ago, “The Ralphie Radio Show” beat the New York Post’s Page 6 to a story about Timberlake bringing rumored-girlfriend Olivia Wilde to Southern Hospitality, a barbeque restaurant in New York City’s Hell Kitchen district that he co-created. The… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Justin Timberlake Brings Olivia Wilde to Friend’s NYC Birthday Party

If Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde aren’t dating, they’re sure playing the roles of a couple like two seasoned actors. Timberlake brought Wilde to an event last night in New York at the restaurant he co-created: Southern Hospitality. The popular BBQ spot hosted a birthday party for the restaurant’s owner, Eytan Sugarman. The owner’s actual… Read more »