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For those keeping score at home, Justin Timberlake is down to his last strike.

Over a week ago, “The Ralphie Radio Show” beat the New York Post’s Page 6 to a story about Timberlake bringing rumored-girlfriend Olivia Wilde to Southern Hospitality, a barbeque restaurant in New York City’s Hell Kitchen district that he co-created. The pop star and actress ate alone in a private room before joining others who were in attendance for owner Eytan Sugarman’s birthday party. Timberlake did not tip his server.

Well, once again “The Ralphie Radio Show” can reveal that Timberlake was at Southern Hospitality, this time on Tuesday night. You might already know this though, because plenty of paparazzi followed him there.

Once again, Timberlake ate in a secluded area; this time surrounded by amongst others, his father Randall, Sugarman, and Mary Kate Olsen.

And once again, the man with an estimated net worth of $70 million failed to leave his server a dime.

What makes this whole situation even more perplexing is that Timberlake was obviously in a good mood. Before sitting down for dinner, he and his dad took in a Broadway show, “The Book of Mormon.” After the show, the cast came down to Southern Hospitality, and my source reveals that JT took care of the bar bill for the Broadway actors and actresses.

Perhaps Mr. Timberlake is too busy trying to hit a home run with Wilde to realize he’s about to strike out with this whole Southern Hospitality thing.

If Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde aren’t dating, they’re sure playing the roles of a couple like two seasoned actors.

Timberlake brought Wilde to an event last night in New York at the restaurant he co-created: Southern Hospitality. The popular BBQ spot hosted a birthday party for the restaurant’s owner, Eytan Sugarman. The owner’s actual birthday was last month, but with Timberlake in New York this week to host “Saturday Night Live,” they delayed the party in part so the pop star could attend.

A person that was inside the Hell’s Kitchen location tells “The Ralphie Radio Show” that Timberlake and Wilde were in the back of Southern Hospitality having dinner. “He had his arm around her the whole time,” the witness recalled.

As Timberlake and Wilde walked to a private lounge where more celebrities were hanging out, it was apparent to on-goers that the two are an item.

Wilde and her husband Tao Ruspoli announced they were separating in February. Timberlake and former girlfriend Jessica Biel allegedly split last March, after four years together.