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Over GRAMMY weekend, OneRepublic lead singer Ryan Tedder noted that the band’s third studio album, Native, was originally scheduled for a November 2012 release. When Tedder and his band mates stopped by the studio recently, he cited a couple reasons for the delay, including the influence of Swedish House Mafia on the record.


“It was just like overwhelming because I saw them at Coachella; they were the best performer that whole weekend,” Tedder told me. “Radiohead is one of my favorite bands of all time, but I gotta say like… Black Keys, Bon Iver, Kasabian… none of them held a torch in my opinion to the Swedish House Mafia set.”

Despite Tedder describing himself as “not a card-carrying electronic music fan,” the experienced directly inspired the single, “If I Lose Myself,” along with the general tempo of Native.

“We’re not going to all of the sudden; three years after the fact jump ship and be like, ‘Oh! This is popular now. Let’s go do this!’” he explained. “That’s lame. You’ve got a handful of bands who did jump ship and just went pure electronic… and we’re the furthest from that. And then you’ve have other acts who kind of batted around with electronic; tried to do like a “dance” record and it kind of missed the mark. So we were like, ‘Let’s do it. Let’s hit the nail on the head. And let’s capture that energy but still keep it sounding organic and like a band.’”

OneRepublic also decided to keep two tracks at the last minute – songs that Tedder almost gave away to other artists.

“We had a close call on this record. There was song that we were all really in love with,” revealed guitarist Drew Brown. “We went through a phase of feeling like it wasn’t going to fit with the rest of the continuity of the record. In the last hours of putting the record together there was a big ‘come-to-Jesus’ about like, ‘We absolutely can’t get rid of this song. We have to put it on the record.’”

The band called in Jeff Bhasker, who worked on the latest masterpieces for fun. and Kanye West, to finish the track. “Can’t Stop” made the album, due out March 26.

SHM announced that 2012 would mark an end to the group, yet no official final tour dates have been announced and the trio of house music producers just released this new single. Perhaps they reconsidered?

Wynter Gordon’s introduction as a new artist wasn’t typical for the industry. But, when you’re working with Flo Rida on what would eventually be a top five hit in the country, untypical is par for the course.

“The good ole’ days!” exclaimed Wynter, born Diana Gordon, when I brought up the 2009 track “Sugar” during an interview on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “That was like the first time that I traveled the world in style, because Flo Rida surely does travel in style.”


The best hotels, with the best accommodations, and some prime time gigs like “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” were a small sample of the perks that the singer/songwriter experienced with Flo. But now Gordon is out on her own, making a name for herself.

Wynter just wrapped up a tour in support of Fall Out Boy front man Patrick Stump. I ran in to her backstage during their stop in Philadelphia at World Live Café. Gordon was a bit frazzled. It was just minutes before she was supposed to go on stage and she needed to iron a skirt. The problem: Wynter thought she didn’t have any water for the iron in her dressing room. Quickly I ran to the bar, grabbed two cups and sprinted back to her. Turns out, while my efforts were appreciated, they weren’t needed.

“There was a bathroom right in the room,” Gordon admitted. “I didn’t even know.”

Surely, clothing irons and water were not an issue with Flo Rida’s hospitality rider. But, now that Gordon is flying solo, she can truly live out her dream of making music for the masses. Her first single, “Dirty Talk,” burned up DJ crates across the world and sold over three million copies. Wynter released the With the Music I Die EP in June. The extended play, which has already spawned a top three dance charter in “Til Death,” also features her next single, “Buy My Love.” The track fuses a retro 90’s pop sound with current dance beats, provided by Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell.

“I was doing a bunch of serious songs (for the EP),” explained Gordon. “’Buy My Love’ was one of the more fun, cheekier ones. I’m kind of leaning more towards that sound, moving forward.”

Certainly dance music is seeing quite the resurgence, led by big time DJs and producers like the aforementioned SHM along with David Guetta, Afrojack, The Cataracs, and others. But Gordon believes that like any other genre or group of artists, a lack of evolution could lead to audiences becoming bored and moving away from the product.

“Nothing can stay the same and be popular for a long, long, long period of time,” Gordon said. “I don’t think we can all do the same thing for too long.”

No relation to Swedish Fish… GET IT?!