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apparently hova demanded a watermelon be carved into the shape of beyonce’s breasts while performing in africa recently.

you think jigga knew about this?

in other jay-z news, the aforlinked article mentions that he took his entire stage crew to dinner after what jay called, “ridiculously good” glastonbury set last month.

oh, you mean the set that started like this?

it gets better – he dropped in the range of 10 to 20 g’s on the meals.

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Ralphie talks with local produce department workers to get their thoughts on the recent study that six slices of watermelon could provide similar effects to Viagra!

Read the watermelon story here.

so scientists have discovered that six slices of watermelon can have viagra-like effects, calling all shoppers in the produce section…

local reaction from produce departments on the way, meanwhile, study is here.