Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are still friends, despite what you may have read, regardless of its accuracy.

Let’s rewind to June of 2013 when I spoke with Lovato following her “Good Morning America” performance in Central Park. At the time, Gomez was experiencing a career-high in radio airplay with the single, “Come And Get It.”

“I’m really, really excited for (Gomez),” Lovato told me. “And I’m excited for all of the people I’ve grown up with… Selena especially because I’ve known her since I was seven years old.”

A lot can change in two years: chart positions, relationship statuses, hair colors… and much did. So it makes sense that in a recently released interview with Complex, Lovato had changed her tone on the relationship she shares with Gomez.

“But, you know, when you’re young and you get older, you change and people change,” she said after clarifying that the distance that grew between the two former Disney stars had nothing to do anymore with Justin Bieber. “You have things in common, and then all of a sudden, you don’t. It’s just a part of life.”

But it didn’t make sense, at least not to fans of Lovato and Gomez, who saw the two pose for a selfie on Instagram just a few weeks ago.

A photo posted by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

Were they no longer friends after that selfie? Was Demi throwing shade at Selena? Was the “Cool For The Summer” singer misquoted?

According to a tweet posted on Wednesday by Lovato, none of the above.

“Interviews are done months and months before the issue is published. I lot (sic) can change between then and now,” she wrote. “Don’t read into the bullsh–.”

Or rather, read it knowing that at first it was accurate but at the present moment it may no longer be.

Because I was traveling Monday morning, the fine folks at HLN’s “The Daily Share” were kind enough to invite me to sit in on Tuesday’s panel. Topics ranged from George Zimmerman to Ikea to Nicki Minaj to National Coffee Day.

In this week’s edition of “Trend Hungry Tuesday” – Resident Fashionista Jessie Holeva highlighted a trend seen on a number of celebrity Instagram pages recently, lace-up heels.

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Crime Watch Daily host Matt Doran called in to chat about the new show airing nationally, weekdays at 4 p.m. on PIX 11 in New York, and the special running this week around a new interview with Joey Buttafuoco.

After spending a weekend without traveling, I headed back on the road on Saturday to visit my best friend from high school in Chicago. This was my second time in Chicago; my first trip was a little over three years ago. However one of the reasons for this trip is that it would be my first time visiting The Friendly Confines – Wrigley Field!

I landed early Saturday morning after pulling yet another all-nighter. I hopped on the train and headed for Rafael’s spot, which has quite the view from its rooftop.

We grabbed brunch near downtown, where I had the best bacon I’ve ever eaten. It was like a brick, covered in maple syrup. My body is probably still digesting it but whatever, I have zero regrets. Following my all-nighter, bacon-coma, and a few Bloody Mary’s, I decided we needed to hit up The Tie Bar. If you’ve ever seen me in a picture or on camera wearing a pocket square, tie clip or flower pin – there is a solid chance it was purchased from the Chicago-based company. The Tie Bar had a pop-up shop in Soho over the summer which proved quite convenient, however I was in need of some new accessories. I left the retailer’s Lincoln Park location with a handful of flower pins and it was back to the apartment for a quick nap.

After all, we had to grill these for dinner later.

The final product, paired with a whiskey, was the real MVP.

Speaking of said whiskey, I left Chicago with a new favorite drink.

And from there it was off to a few cocktail lounges downtown with Rafael and some of his buddies. The night, despite its length and bar tab, proved quite memorable. A more random highlight was running in to Manny Ramirez (yes, the baseball player) at the second lounge we went to. But the entire evening was a lot of fun.

The Saturday night outing definitely pushed Sunday’s start time back a bit. I hit up the apartment complex’s gym for a four-mile run and then we headed to Lincoln Station, the Buffalo Bills Backers Bar in Chicago. My Bills made quick work of the Dolphins and so we left early to walk to Wrigleyville. Once we arrived, there was time to hit three different bars in close proximity to Wrigley Field. The second bar was called Sluggers and on the second level they have batting cages. Naturally, we partook.

And then, Wrigley!

It’s a beautiful park. Some modern elements but a lot of nostalgia, and the fans truly give it the “Friendly Confines” feel.

Some of the fare I ate at Wrigley included an Italian Sub inspired by Joe Maddon’s aunt’s deli in Hazleton, Pa. and of course, a Chicago Dog with onions.

I flew out Monday morning feeling the love from Chi-Town and only looking forward to my next visit. And as far as next on the #RalphieOTRA schedule: Nashville is booked for October 11, but there’s a good chance I’m out of town this weekend too.

Darren Criss knows this has never been done before, so he is well-aware that it may not work. But he’s betting on the passion of theatergoers and Broadway supporters to make his first ever “Elsie Fest” on Sunday a success.

“Basically what I’m trying to do here is sort of a Warped Tour of musical theater, cabaret tunes,” Criss explained to me in between rehearsals. “Just to kind of take everybody out of the concert hall, ditch the dinner jackets and the ties and kind of trade it for a t-shirt, jeans and a beer.”

For this reason, Criss chose outdoor venue JBL Live at Pier 97 as the inaugural setting. The lineup features the former “Glee” star along with Aaron Tveit (“Graceland,” “Catch Me If You Can”), Lea Salonga (“Mulan,” “Miss Saigon”), Laura Osnes (“Greece,” “Cinderella,”), Leslie Odom Jr. (“Hamilton”), Seth Rudetsky and StarKid.

In addition to the announced lineup, Criss teased that a number of surprise guests will be making appearances on stage. The festival is also running opposite Broadway Cares’ Broadway Flea Market (both events benefit the charity). Criss also invited Marie’s Crisis – the historic West Village piano bar – to run the beer garden on site.

The goal, reflecting the spirit of the theater community, is to create an event that everyone feels welcome at. But again, this has never been done before, and its creator is well-aware.

“Well, let’s hope so,” when I noted that there seems to be something at the festival for everyone. “We’re going to find out.”

Criss said at the beginning of our conversation that he was simply trying to keep his head screwed on to his body. In addition to creating and performing at a brand new festival, the actor is currently filming “American Horror Story: Hotel.”

“Not only do you get to be around Kathy Bates and Lady Gaga but it’s also, you walk on set and it’s this crazy looking set with all of these people in crazy looking outfits,” he explained. “You just can’t help but be swept up by the whole thing.”

Surely to fans’ delight, Criss does share scenes with Gaga.

“But not as many as I like,” he added with a laugh. Perhaps he had a hard time keeping his head screwed on after all.

Trying out a new web segment called, “2 Slices & A Story.” Pretty self-explanatory. Our first edition features a couple of formidable cheese slices from Don Pepi Pizza in Penn Station and the talented David Cook.

I am certainly no stranger to awkward interviews; perhaps this is why I found an appreciation for a video that popped up on my Facebook news feed of MTV News’ Christina Garibaldi chatting with Ellie Goulding. Garibaldi presents with a scenario and list of possible thoughts to see what’s on Goulding’s mind. The UK singer’s new single is titled, “On My Mind.”

The festivities kick-off with question number one… and regardless of if she’s joking, you have to appreciate Goulding’s… candidness?

David Cook stopped by “Ralphie Tonight” to chat about his new album Digital Vein and how it got him back to a place where he once again loves to write and record music. Cook was candid about how the death of his brother affected his music, and why he’s in a really good place at the moment. He also took fan questions and talked about possibly returning to “American Idol” next season.

In this week’s edition of “Trend Hungry Tuesday” – Resident Fashionista Jessie Holeva talked about a trend she spotted on the red carpet of The Emmys: heavy-metal embellishments.

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