relatable celebs.

i’m a big fan of doing like the celebs do (or the celebs doing like we do).

over on the tmzeezy, nicole richie is seen playing throughout manhattan – working out, eating out, and walking about. meanwhile baby daddy joel madden is on the opposite side of the city that never sleeps. the good charlotte emcee grabs some of the starbucks for the gf and himself.

downtown manhattan on a sunny summer day, head to toe in black, with a hot starbucks drink? wow.

(btw – current starbucks preference – grande iced coffee, no-fat, two splenda).

joel’s band opened up for justin timberlake at the world’s most famous arena later that night.

meanwhile on the west coast – nicole’s former simple life co-star enjoys some fine late-night dining.

paris hilton, sister nicky, and their entire entourage took over an international house of pancakes after a night of clubbing, according to tmz.

at least skinny, ex-con celebutants enjoy drunk food just like the rest of us. (exhale).

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