DAILY DOWNLOAD: Ida Maria – I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked

05.14.09 : Ida Maria – I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked
Ida calls in to The Ralphie Radio Show from Norway!
On the song:

Career goals, her LP, touring & traveling in the States:

By now, you might have read about or seen Ida Maria (pronounced EEE-DA). The 24 year-old grew up in a town of about 2,000 in Norway. Now, she’s signed to a major record label, touring the globe, and playing every festival and late night show under the sun.

Maria called up The Ralphie Radio Show last Thursday to chat about her success, her CD, and her new song that is catching everyone’s attention, “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked.”

“I think there’s too few songs that really talk about the male body and how beautiful it is, so I took the responsibility on my shoulders,” touted Maria, half in jest… I think.

The singer/songwriter did joke that she lost count of the number of men she’s seen naked “a long time ago.” Maria says her CD, “Fortress Round My Heart,” is filled with fun, simple songs. Another track on the LP, “Oh My God,” is featured on this season’s Gossip Girl promos. But even with the network cameos and festival performance, the Norwegian artist only admits to one career goal.

“My goal is to see Iggy Pop in his underpants,” revealed Maria – striking a dead serious tone. “If I do, I’m gonna retire after that.”

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