EXCLUSIVE: Switchfoot Divulges Details on 2011 Album

Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman knows that the band’s next album, Vice Verses, will be released in 2011. That’s about all Foreman knows about the next album.

“We’ve got like, 20 songs… well, 40 songs, 20 that we’ve cut it down to (with a) bunch of songs left over from the last session,” he revealed, referring to the tracks that didn’t make Hello Hurricane. “It’s a matter of trying to figure out whether it should be a double record or what it looks like.”

The boys from San Diego are currently touring in support of The Goo Goo Dolls and Hurricane. Foreman admitted that writing and recording in bulk, followed by the task of whittling down your beloved songs to the best of the best, is difficult.

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The guys, currently on tour with The Goo Goo Dolls, also chatted about playing the U.S. Open of Surfing recently back in their home state of California.

“(Hello Hurricane) was the hardest record we’ve ever made,” said the front man. “It was pretty near-impossible to cut. The idea that you record this song that means a lot to you, and you know that there’s 60 of those songs that no one is ever going to hear.”

Foreman insists Switchfoot will implement a more selective and proactive approach to writing, recording, and choosing material for Vice Verses. Although at least he and the band know this much is selected: the title and its title track are already chosen.

“In the song ‘Vice Verses’, there’s a line that intimates the idea that every blessing is a curse,” Foreman said, referencing the band’s independent record label, studio ownership, and distribution deal with a major label. “So the curse of having your own studio and free time is recording all these songs that you believe in.”

And if Foreman knows anything else, it’s that this curse of his is a blessing.

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