EXCLUSIVE: Big Time Rush Labels Snoop Dogg ‘A Family Man’

Big Time Rush have forged a big time relationship with rapper Snoop Dogg, and the guys from the Nickelodeon hit show insist the D-O-Double G is not the same artist of yester-year.

“He’s very much a family man,” revealed BTR’s Carlos Pena on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” The group sat down for a quick interview and performed an acoustic version of the song “Boyfriend.” The studio track features Snoop. “He was great to work with.”

“I don’t think the kids who would watch the episode now, would know anything about his (past),” insisted actor/singer Kendall Schmidt. “Most of them are pretty young. They know him from Katy Perry (‘California Gurls’).”


Schmidt added that Snoop commented to the boys on how impressed he was with people’s reaction to the rapper’s cameos and affiliation with the show: for the first time in his career, 5 year-olds approach Snoop in public to comment on his work.

“We went to one of his concerts and he was nice enough to invite us back stage and we had a great time,” said Logan Henderson. “He lives and breathes music.”

“He gets done playing a show and he goes back there and he’s still deejaying music,” James Maslow continued, elaborating on the experience backstage with one of the most influential West Coast emcees of all time. “He’s with a bunch of his friends and family. He’s very close with his family and a lot of them are a part of his hair and makeup. It’s just him hanging out with his closest friends, playing music.”

Schmidt also recalled one point during the party where someone stepped on a cord, cutting the music. Snoop, who will not let anyone else touch the computer, immediately wanted to know who was responsible. BTR insisted it was none of them – but regardless, it certainly sounds like a funny scene for a future episode.

The guys currently have ten more episodes of the show’s second season to film. Afterwards – it’s on the road for what BTR hopes will be an international tour.

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