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Big Time Rush have forged a big time relationship with rapper Snoop Dogg, and the guys from the Nickelodeon hit show insist the D-O-Double G is not the same artist of yester-year.

“He’s very much a family man,” revealed BTR’s Carlos Pena on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” The group sat down for a quick interview and performed an acoustic version of the song “Boyfriend.” The studio track features Snoop. “He was great to work with.”

“I don’t think the kids who would watch the episode now, would know anything about his (past),” insisted actor/singer Kendall Schmidt. “Most of them are pretty young. They know him from Katy Perry (‘California Gurls’).”


Schmidt added that Snoop commented to the boys on how impressed he was with people’s reaction to the rapper’s cameos and affiliation with the show: for the first time in his career, 5 year-olds approach Snoop in public to comment on his work.

“We went to one of his concerts and he was nice enough to invite us back stage and we had a great time,” said Logan Henderson. “He lives and breathes music.”

“He gets done playing a show and he goes back there and he’s still deejaying music,” James Maslow continued, elaborating on the experience backstage with one of the most influential West Coast emcees of all time. “He’s with a bunch of his friends and family. He’s very close with his family and a lot of them are a part of his hair and makeup. It’s just him hanging out with his closest friends, playing music.”

Schmidt also recalled one point during the party where someone stepped on a cord, cutting the music. Snoop, who will not let anyone else touch the computer, immediately wanted to know who was responsible. BTR insisted it was none of them – but regardless, it certainly sounds like a funny scene for a future episode.

The guys currently have ten more episodes of the show’s second season to film. Afterwards – it’s on the road for what BTR hopes will be an international tour.

I learned the difference first hand between the tabloids in the States and across the pond on Saturday. The British boy-band JLS joined “The Ralphie Radio Show” – and were quick to correct me when I cited a report that I read in The Mirror that the fellas hung out with Jay-Z and KanYe West in Los Angeles.

“It’s good that you ask, because we can squash (the rumors),” replied Marvin Humes, who called in to “The RRS” from the UK just a few months ago. “The Jay-Z connection has come from back home.”

Both Jay and JLS performed and won at The Brit Awards, which is similar to the Grammys. After the show, the “Empire State of Mind” emcee congratulated the boys at an after party by sending a bottle of champagne over to their table… of course, each person received their own bottle.

As for Mr. West, JB Gill revealed JLS has yet to rub elbows or receive gifts from him. The initial report also claimed the boys were introduced to both rappers by former Sugababes member Keisha Buchanan, also incorrect.

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While we were speaking about what they did not do – Humes noted that they have yet to meet with J.R. Rotem, the man who produced “Everybody In Love” (along with half of everything else you hear on the radio these days). Yes, Aston Merrygold was photographed at Burger King but no, he never made it to In-N-Out Burger.

The guys did try Pinkberry for their first time – Oritsé Williams insisted he is addicted. Also while in L.A., the band wrote some new material for a forthcoming LP. Humes said that they worked with some big producers, including Toby Gad (Beyoncé’s “If I Were A Boy”).

JLS has also now encountered both the paparazzi in the UK and in the US. So, who’s more aggressive?

“We’re cool with both,” insisted Gill. “I’d say probably a bit more aggressive in the UK, obviously because we’re more known. But you know what, the paparazzi, they do their job and they help us – yunno, they give us press and they let people out there know what we’re doing.”

International recording group JLS performed “Everybody In Love” for 97 BHT listeners inside The Mall At Steamtown.

Marvin Humes, a member of JLS, called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” from across the pond to chat about the UK boy band’s single, “Everybody In Love”, produced by J.R. Rotem.

JLS placed second in the 2008 season of “The X-Factor,” Simon Cowell’s version of “American Idol” in the UK.

Part 1: “Everybody In Love”, working with J.R. Rotem

Part 2: Success in the UK, coming to the States, working with Simon Cowell