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Electro-pop band Parade Of Lights stopped by 95.5 to chat about the success of “Golden,” the album Feeling Electric, and the band’s ties to Big Time Rush and Metro Station.

The band Heffron Drive is returning to State Fair Meadowlands in New Jersey for a second-straight year. Last time around, there wasn’t a whole lot of new music from the Kendall Schmidt-fronted group. He and Dustin Belt have made up for that since – releasing Happy Mistakes along with the acoustic-driven Happy Mistakes Unplugged. Schmidt will play the latter in its entirety this Tuesday (6/30); he will not partake in any fried Oreos on the midway.

“I can’t do it man,” Schmidt said from his Los Angeles home on Thursday. The former Big Time Rush member called in to “Ralphie Tonight” while the birds were still chirping out west (we could hear them). He said he might do regular cookies but “that’s probably the only desert I’ll go for, because the fried Oreos, I just… I can’t. It makes my stomach hurt.”

The lead singer plans to take in some of the sights at the fair though, although he also pumped the breaks on the “spin-y rides,” again drawing from personal experience.

“Throughout the years I’ve been blessed to go to like, so many theme parks and play shows of all sorts,” he explained. “I’ve had the VIP access where you just jump to the front of the rollercoaster right away at pretty much all of them, and I’ve ridden myself out a couple times.”

While he seems to have a storied past in the amusement park/fairgrounds department, the history is much more shallow when it comes to performing this acoustic record live. Matter-of-fact, Schmidt said he’s only played it through completely one other time – at its release concert in L.A.

“Fortunately everything we were doing on the ‘Unplugged’ album had been written already,” Schimdt said of the task in converting songs not originally recorded with guitars to an acoustic LP. “Really the process of it was just reconstructing everything but I’ve done songs of all sorts.”

An example of this can be found on the new Hilary Duff album. Breathe In. Breathe Out. features a duet with the singers called “Night Like This.” Schmidt estimates that he has called Duff a friend for about 15 years.

“I think (the song) was based on a night that either Hilary had or wanted to have,” he said. “When I was recording the song with her, she told me all about the feeling of it and there was even a time when I was singing a line and she was like, ‘Yunno imagine standing there with me, like you’re saying this to me.’

“The song ended up really coming together. I’m so proud of it.”

Something else Schmidt is proud of: the success had by MKTO – a group that is signed to the record label formerly inhabited by Big Time Rush. The guy that manages MKTO used to produce BTR’s tours.

“I’m always kept up to date with everything that they’re doing,” Schmidt said, although he noted he has not had a chance yet to check their new single “Bad Girls.”

Before we hung up, Schmidt also said that his BTR-mates are all “excellent,” although Logan Henderson “is a bit of a mystery-man, so I can’t fill you in too much,” on him.

Hey, we all have a friend like that – just like I’m sure we all know someone that won’t go near a fried Oreo.

Heffron Drive front man and Big Time Rush artist Kendall Schmidt stopped by “Ralphie Tonight” to talk about HD’s forthcoming album, update fans on Big Time Rush, and take your questions via Twitter.


She knew them before they became one of the biggest pop acts in the world. Entertainment Reporter Jill Wilderman has covered Big Time Rush since the group’s show first started on Nickelodeon, and recently caught up with the fellas in Los Angeles.

Wilderman also chatted about Master P’s daughter, Cymphonique Miller, who is the star of a new show on Nick called “How to Rock.”

Check out Jill’s blog here and follow her on Twitter here.

Big Time Rush have forged a big time relationship with rapper Snoop Dogg, and the guys from the Nickelodeon hit show insist the D-O-Double G is not the same artist of yester-year.

“He’s very much a family man,” revealed BTR’s Carlos Pena on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” The group sat down for a quick interview and performed an acoustic version of the song “Boyfriend.” The studio track features Snoop. “He was great to work with.”

“I don’t think the kids who would watch the episode now, would know anything about his (past),” insisted actor/singer Kendall Schmidt. “Most of them are pretty young. They know him from Katy Perry (‘California Gurls’).”


Schmidt added that Snoop commented to the boys on how impressed he was with people’s reaction to the rapper’s cameos and affiliation with the show: for the first time in his career, 5 year-olds approach Snoop in public to comment on his work.

“We went to one of his concerts and he was nice enough to invite us back stage and we had a great time,” said Logan Henderson. “He lives and breathes music.”

“He gets done playing a show and he goes back there and he’s still deejaying music,” James Maslow continued, elaborating on the experience backstage with one of the most influential West Coast emcees of all time. “He’s with a bunch of his friends and family. He’s very close with his family and a lot of them are a part of his hair and makeup. It’s just him hanging out with his closest friends, playing music.”

Schmidt also recalled one point during the party where someone stepped on a cord, cutting the music. Snoop, who will not let anyone else touch the computer, immediately wanted to know who was responsible. BTR insisted it was none of them – but regardless, it certainly sounds like a funny scene for a future episode.

The guys currently have ten more episodes of the show’s second season to film. Afterwards – it’s on the road for what BTR hopes will be an international tour.

97 BHT presented Nickelodeon TV’s and Columbia Recording group Big Time Rush for a special 97 person meet-and-greet inside the Wyoming Valley Mall. Big thanks to Columbia Records, the Wyoming Valley Mall, the Wilkes Barre Twp Police Department, and WNEP-TV.