EXCLUSIVE: Nick Cannon Discloses The Typical Hours He Works; Says He’s ‘Too Young To Burn Out’

Morning show radio host, Las Vegas resident club DJ, network executive, TV personality, artist with a forthcoming album release… Nick Cannon is a man of many, many titles. But, things aren’t any less busy at home for the mogul, as he and wife Mariah Carey are expecting twins at any moment. Clearly time management is a priority for Cannon, but that isn’t the only trait that helps him get accomplish everything.

“Man, I just don’t sleep,” Cannon admitted in a phone interview which aired Thursday night on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” The conversation was taped Wednesday morning, as Cannon traveled presumably from his gig at New York’s 92.3 NOW-FM to TeenNick, where he serves as chairman of the channel. “Literally, this is my nap time right now, in the car going to my next job.”


But Cannon isn’t complaining about the long hours and copious amount of responsibility – if anything, it’s the exact opposite. The personality says he feels “blessed.”

“I’m too young to get burnt out,” Cannon believes. “I’m not out doing myself. I’m not tired or anything like that. I just love what I do. I always say, ‘My vocation is my vacation.’”

But the hours he puts in are far from vacation-like. Cannon revealed that his day usually begins well before the sun rises.

“On the average, I walk in to the house around 9 (p.m.),” said Cannon on the length of his usual work day. “From there it’s just quality time with the wife or the studio ‘til I’m back up at 2 o’clock in the morning.”

By “studio” you could only assume it’s of the recording variety (as opposed to the radio type), as Cannon readies not one, but two albums. Mr. Showbiz, a comedy LP, will drop May 14. The follow-up, Mr. Showbiz Sings the Hits, follows later in the year. The rapper says both are finished.

“It’s going to have ‘Famous’ on it and a bunch of other stuff,” Cannon noted of the music portion, mentioning the lead single that features Akon in the process. “I worked with Flo Rida, Snoop Dogg, Roscoe Dash, everybody… Cee Lo (Green)… it’s crazy.”

The first track is a tongue-in-cheek take on everybody wanting to achieve fame in this day and age. But Cannon isn’t knocking the notion.

“I love (fame),” Cannon quickly replied after I asked him if the notion of “celebrity” and fame is overrated. “You got to just know how to handle it. Everything’s in moderation. Some people get sucked up in to it, but I mean the perks that it comes with are beautiful.”

It seems these days, the only thing not in moderation for Cannon is the amount of work that he is willing, and more importantly able, to take on.

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