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INTERVIEW: TLC’s Chilli On Nick Cannon, Awkward Stage Moments And The New LP

TLC’s Chilli called in to chat about the group’s tour with En Vogue, upcoming final studio album, awkward moments on stage and those Nick Cannon rumors. Check out TLC and En Vogue on tour later this month: September 25 at the NYCB Theater in Westbury, N.Y. and the 26 at the Wellmont Theater in Monclair,… Read more »

LIFE AND STYLE WEEKLY: News On Mariah And Nick, Selena Gomez, And Jennifer Lopez

Life & Style Weekly reports that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have put forth a united front for family members, catching them off guard with recent news that their marriage is in trouble. Senior News Editor Jordi Lippe also talked about Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez on “Ralphie Tonight.”

INTERVIEW: Mariah Carey Praises Jimmy Fallon; Previews New LP

The top-selling female artist of all time is heaping some big praise on to the new host of “The Tonight Show.” “I feel like he’s legendary,” Mariah Carey said of Jimmy Fallon to “The Ralphie Show.” The interview was taped just after Carey filmed her cameo on Fallon’s first night. “He’s just such a good… Read more »

LIFE AND STYLE WEEKLY’S ANDREW NODELL: News on Kim & Kanye, Nick & Mariah, Chad Kroeger & Avril Lavigne

Life & Style Weekly reports that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be drifting apart. Senior Reporter Andrew Nodell also talked about Nick and Mariah renewing their vows and the wedding bands that Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne picked out on “The Ralphie Show.”

LIFE & STYLE’S JORDI LIPPE: Jagger’s Moves on Angelina, Nick and Mariah’s New Crib, Leo’s GF Moves In

Life & Style Weekly reports in the magazine’s latest issue on a new tell-all book that details Mick Jagger’s courtship of Angelina Jolie back in 1997. Senior News Editor Jordi Lippe also chatted about Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s new home in the Hamptons and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend moving in with the… Read more »

LIFE & STYLE’S JORDI LIPPE: Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake

Life & Style Weekly reports in the magazine’s latest edition that Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon, along with their twins Morracan and Monroe, are living the good life! Senior News Editor Jordi Lippe talked about the exclusive photos and also covered stories regarding Jay-Z/Beyonce and Justin Timberlake on “The Ralphie Radio Show.”

AUDIO: Entertainment Reporter Jill Wilderman on Seth MacFarlane, HALO Awards

Seth MacFarlane threw his annual birthday bash last Saturday, and Entertainment Reporter Jill Wilderman divulged who was there and what went down on “The Ralphie Radio Show.”Jill also chatted about covering Nick Cannon’s HALO Awards, where she had the chance to speak with Cannon and Jason Derulo.Check out Jill’s blog here and follow her on… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Nick Cannon Discloses The Typical Hours He Works; Says He’s ‘Too Young To Burn Out’

Morning show radio host, Las Vegas resident club DJ, network executive, TV personality, artist with a forthcoming album release… Nick Cannon is a man of many, many titles. But, things aren’t any less busy at home for the mogul, as he and wife Mariah Carey are expecting twins at any moment. Clearly time management is… Read more »