EXCLUSIVE: All Time Low Dispels Rumors on Album Release Date

A lot has been made about the release of All Time Low’s fourth album, Dirty Work. Many people have speculated that due to inner-workings at Interscope Records, the LP’s release was delayed from March to the new date of June 7. Even Yellowcard lead singer Ryan Key, who recently toured with ATL, mentioned the ordeal in an interview with “The Ralphie Radio Show” last month.

“I’ve talked with the guys in All Time Low about (label politics), yunno, just about everything that’s going on with them,” said Key while on tour with the band. “They’re trying to get their record out and they’re kind of playing the major label thing right now. They’re release date has gotten pushed back a bunch of times and we went through the exact same situation on the record following Ocean Avenue.”

But All Time Low front man Alex Gaskarth sang a different tune in an interview that aired Wednesday on “The RRS,” dismissing the idea that Interscope “pushed back” the release of Dirty Work.

“We kind of jumped the gun on announcing anything,” Gaskarth claimed. “We were shooting for March, we were hoping for March, everybody’s fingers were crossed on March. What ended up happening was, it wasn’t March.”

According to the lead singer, Interscope may have planned all along to release the LP in June, as opposed to delaying the release. Gaskarth says the situation taught ATL a valuable lesson: watch your words in print interviews.

“(The print media) will take you saying, ‘We’re hoping for March,’ to ‘The record’s coming out in March,’” he said. “It got lost in translation.”

At the end of the day, the album will be released – and All Time Low will more than likely celebrate.

“The party will be the main priority,” Gaskarth admitted of the album release. “Apart from that, this band is a touring band so one of the major things is really that we’re gonna get back on the road.”


ATL is headed overseas before embarking on another U.S. trek that will be entitled, “The Gimme Summer Your Love” tour. All Time Low is not divulging opening acts yet… apparently the band has learned its lesson when it comes to jumping the gun.

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