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A little over six years passed in between my last two interviews with the band All Time Low. During that stretch, I did run-in to the guys a couple of times. During a 2014 trip to Baltimore, the band’s hometown, for Derek Jeter’s last game at Camden Yards I ended up at the same bar as lead singer Alex Gaskarth. Talk about a small world: Gaskarth played a DJ set at that same venue the previous night. I was there the next day, Sunday, because it also served as Baltimore’s designated Buffalo Bills Backers Bar.

The place is owned by Alex’s bandmate Jack Barakat.

Then this past February while in Los Angeles for The GRAMMYs, I saw singer Cassadee Pope and her boyfriend, ATL drummer Rian Dawson outside of Microsoft Theater. They were chatting with friends and I was filming vignettes with Westwood One, so I just stopped briefly to say hello.

Of course, what I didn’t see was the engagement ring on Pope’s hand. Dawson popped the question that day. However a few weeks ago, the pending nuptials were reportedly called off.

Many things besides relationship statuses can change in six years. During the span in between our sit-downs, the Baltimore quartet added four studio albums to their discography and changed record labels twice. They switched up the band’s sound as well, although Gaskarth insists that the new sound has nothing to do with All Time Low’s new home at Fueled By Ramen.

“I think the change in direction of music was something that was already happening within the band,” the front man explained. “We knew we wanted to try some new things and go in some different directions on the album.”

With All Time Low’s previous deal at Hopeless Records up, the guys felt that signing with Fueled By Ramen made the most sense.

“Fueled By is rad, they always have been,” Gaskarth continued. “I love their roster now and I love what they do.

“I think the biggest part of us switching (to FBR) was that we sort of had the idea in mind that we kind of wanted to try some new things with our music, and (FBR) was all about it.”

Fueled By Ramen most notably housed Fall Out Boy and still counts Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Twenty One Pilots and Young The Giant as a part of its roster.

“Fall Out Boy served as inspiration for us when we were younger,” Gaskarth noted. “Panic!, we kind of came up around the same time; obviously different trajectory and different path but (Brendon Urie) has been at it just as long as we have and works just as hard, if not harder than we do.”

For the three aforementioned groups, it is kind of fun to pause-and-reflect on both their longevity and evolution: FOB still headlines arenas, Panic! was nominated for a GRAMMY last year and All Time Low is charting a single at Adult Contemporary radio. Of course there have also been other acts that have come and gone not just from the label, but the scene; something ATL is cognizant of.

“Yunno, we’ve seen a lot of our friends’ bands and other bands fade out, and it’s amazing to sort of be in the other category of still being able to do it.”

And if All Time Low continues in that category for six more years, the band can celebrate a 20th anniversary.

The boys from Baltimore are currently on tour with The Ready Set.

A lot has been made about the release of All Time Low’s fourth album, Dirty Work. Many people have speculated that due to inner-workings at Interscope Records, the LP’s release was delayed from March to the new date of June 7. Even Yellowcard lead singer Ryan Key, who recently toured with ATL, mentioned the ordeal in an interview with “The Ralphie Radio Show” last month.

“I’ve talked with the guys in All Time Low about (label politics), yunno, just about everything that’s going on with them,” said Key while on tour with the band. “They’re trying to get their record out and they’re kind of playing the major label thing right now. They’re release date has gotten pushed back a bunch of times and we went through the exact same situation on the record following Ocean Avenue.”

But All Time Low front man Alex Gaskarth sang a different tune in an interview that aired Wednesday on “The RRS,” dismissing the idea that Interscope “pushed back” the release of Dirty Work.

“We kind of jumped the gun on announcing anything,” Gaskarth claimed. “We were shooting for March, we were hoping for March, everybody’s fingers were crossed on March. What ended up happening was, it wasn’t March.”

According to the lead singer, Interscope may have planned all along to release the LP in June, as opposed to delaying the release. Gaskarth says the situation taught ATL a valuable lesson: watch your words in print interviews.

“(The print media) will take you saying, ‘We’re hoping for March,’ to ‘The record’s coming out in March,’” he said. “It got lost in translation.”

At the end of the day, the album will be released – and All Time Low will more than likely celebrate.

“The party will be the main priority,” Gaskarth admitted of the album release. “Apart from that, this band is a touring band so one of the major things is really that we’re gonna get back on the road.”


ATL is headed overseas before embarking on another U.S. trek that will be entitled, “The Gimme Summer Your Love” tour. All Time Low is not divulging opening acts yet… apparently the band has learned its lesson when it comes to jumping the gun.

After NEPA high schools sent over 800,000 text messages to BHTtxt, Elmer L. Meyers High School won 97 BHT’s High School Hookup V4.0, scoring a free concert from All Time Low. The four fellas from Baltimore played an acoustic set inside Rodano’s for the student body. Thanks to Interscope Records, Gerrity’s, Rodano’s, & 97 BHT!

If Yellowcard is taking another trip down Ocean Avenue with the release of When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes last month – the street has certainly changed a bit since 2003.

“I don’t even know that a record release is as relevant as it used to be,” admitted lead singer Ryan Key. The front man called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” while on tour with All Time Low and Hey Monday in Tempe, AZ. “People are buying digital singles and things like that and the way you can talk to your fans online, through Facebook and Twitter… it’s so much more in your hands.”

Key was referring specifically to the delayed release of Lights and Sounds. The band hoped to release the record in ’05 – and had launched a tour to support the album based on that. However after Yellowcard hit the road, Capitol Records pushed back the date. Key cites this moment as one that not only soiled the band’s relationship with the label, but killed the momentum built from the previous album, which went platinum in the states.

Now in 2011, Yellowcard finds themselves back together, making music, performing live, and fulfilling radio commitments. Now the “elder statesman” on the road (at least on this tour: YC just announced a June co-headlining trek with Good Charlotte), its Key who is sharing his war stories with bands like All Time Low about the joys and pains of recording on a major label. Meanwhile Key’s band has found new life, not just with a new LP, but with a new audience.

“We don’t really get a chance to play for a lot of people who haven’t seen our band or heard our band before,” said Key. “This tour is a really great opportunity to do that because All Time Low and the other bands have younger fans. Yunno, their fans are the age that are fans were back in ’04, ’05 when our band was kind of taking off.”

But despite the age, err, generation gap – Key still finds a highlight every night on stage – performing “Ocean Avenue.”

“Especially on a tour like this, where that’s a really familiar song for a lot of people who never got to see a show or don’t have a record but they know that song,” Key explained. “That really brings the whole crowd together. It’s pretty amazing.”

The next single from Yellowcard’s latest LP is “Hang You Up” and can be listened to above. It’s the only track on the album that Key wrote completely himself.

By even his own account, he stretched the truth, but that didn’t stop All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth from describing the band’s upcoming fall tour as a “spectacle on wheels.”

“A little bit like Cirque du Soleil, minus leotards, plus alcohol and tattoos,” described Gaskarth of The Glamour Kills Tour. “And still maybe a few backflips, I dunno.”

The lead singer eventually toned down the hyperbole, but point taken – the upcoming trek, which includes supporting acts We The Kings, Hey Monday, and The Friday Night Boys – will be a sight to behold. The tour is comprised of 41 dates, kicking off in Hartford, CT, moving west, and the ending back east in Philadelphia.

Not too shabby for a band that just a mere two years ago, played the Smartpunk Stage at Vans Warped Tour. Since that time, All Time Low has opened for Fall Out Boy, toured Europe, and landed a sweet record deal that affords them a healthy amount of radio promotion. The band itself built up quite a following in the process. You know you’re big when someone starts a Twitter account on behalf of… your hair.

Download the mp3

“I’ve been made aware of it. It’s not anyone that I know,” revealed Gaskarth of the Twitter account, whose username is conveniently enough, “gaskarthsHair.” “Yunno, more power to ‘em. If they want to speak on behalf of my hair, they’re entitled to.”

Among the other perks of the fame: invites to award shows. Alex and crew were at the MTV VMA’s, and the front man thought Lady GaGa’s performance was “phenomenal.”

“They did a good job of sort of adapting that already-strange video in to an even stranger and harder to understand stage performance,” said Gaskarth. But she has the most phenomenal live voice. I give that girl props.”

Not so phenomenal: the antics of a one KanYe West. Alex likened his first reaction to that of everyone else’s inside Radio City Music Hall.

“Everyone gasped, everyone rolled their eyes, everybody sighed, and everybody forgot about it.”

But unfortunately for West, Alex is incorrect on one point – as no one has forgotten it.