INTERVIEW: UK’s The Wanted Acclimates To America

The Wanted has crossed the pond and made a relatively big splash given the recent track record of “boy-bands” in the United States. The UK-based group performed on “Ellen” and has “Chelsea Lately” on the docket for next week. “Glad You Came” is climbing the American charts and has been well-received on the radio.

But just as their U.S. career is taking off, the fellas are also experiencing other highlights, not related to music. For example, with the British tabloids documenting their every relationship and sighting, Tom Parker notes that their American lifestyle has been a welcome change of pace.

“It’s been good to just walk around the streets with no press or paps, or just not that many people noticing to be honest with you,” Parker told me when The Wanted chatted on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “It does get a bit much, coming from being so normal to just being shot in to this lifestyle. It’s so bewildering sometimes.”


The band feels so comfortable in public that Siva Kaneswaran joked he might walk the streets of New York naked the next time they’re in town. The transition to the States has thus far been successful, including sneaking 18 year-old Nathan Sykes in to bars and clubs. Parker admits the five man group, with their lone underage singer, has already visited a number of alcohol-serving establishments here.

“I’ve done well so far,” Sykes said. “I’ve got a way about me somehow, which is hiding in the group.”

“It don’t cost him a penny!” Max George chimed in. “The other night all he did was stand in the corner going, ‘Uh, Max, can you get me a beer mate?’”

The Wanted already has three number one hits under its belt back in England. With the band’s exclusive announcement on my show that Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun has signed them, it looks as if there will be many more pennies, and possibly even celebratory beverages, to pass around.

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