DAILY DOWNLOAD: The Fray – ‘Run For Your Life’

The Fray’s Isaac Slade first told me last October of the song, “Run For Your Life.” He fought his band-mates for it to be the first single from Scars and Stories.

“There’s another song called, ‘Run for Your Life’ that I think is probably my favorite song on the record,” said Slade during the phone interview. “It’s real ballad-y, beautiful, and heart wrenching and kind of like, whatever you think of The Fray to be, kind of our cliché.”

Then when the lead singer and I met in person last December, I revisited the subject.

“It could be one of two songs,” Slade revealed of the possible second single during out sit-down. “But one of them is (‘Run For Your Life’), yeah.”

Despite completing the album last year, Slade said The Fray wanted to release Scars and Stories around Valentine’s Day. The LP hit stores February 7.

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