INTERVIEW: Beatrice Miller Explains Top 10 Reaction on ‘X-Factor’

It apparently has not taken long for contestants on “The X-Factor” to pick up on the tendencies of the show’s new hosts – Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian-Odom.


“Here’s when I know people are about to call my name,” 13 year-old Beatrice Miller started to explain on “The Ralphie Show.” “(Mario or Khloe) look at you, like they glance at you, like, ‘The next person is…’ and then they quickly glance at you, then look away.”

While Lopez is more acclimated to the hosting scene with his other gig at “Extra!” – the job is a completely new venture for the Kardashian sister. Regardless, you would have to think that no contestant, no less a 13 year-old, would be able to find a “tell” in the presentation of a Ryan Seacrest.

The topic came about because Miller was explaining her reaction to placing eighth on the results show last week. Some criticized the Maplewood, NJ native for acting “immature,” and while the teenager apologized on Twitter, she also defended herself.

“I’m a 13 year-old girl,” Miller stated. “Some people have to remember that.”

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