INTERVIEW: Christina Isabelle Previews ‘Idol Hollywood Week’

Wednesday night marked a new chapter for “American Idol.” The singing competition debuted its new judging panel of Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, and Nicki Minaj to go along with veteran Randy Jackson. The season 12 premiere was set in New York, as auditions overlooked Columbus Circle and Central Park.


The new season brings new stars, whether it is for 15 seconds or longer. The clock is now ticking on Christine “Isabelle” Pasqualone.

“I actually just tweeted, ‘My phone needs a vacation, it’s about to explode,’” Isabelle joked in a phone interview on “The Ralphie Show.” “Family, friends, people I don’t even know… it’s just been really wonderful actually, and overwhelming.”

Hopefully the Berklee School of Music graduate realizes that this ride is just getting started. After all, her audition floored the all-stars in front of her; Keith Urban gasped “Wow,” while Mariah Carey was practically blushing.

“It’s a totally different experience when your idol is in the room,” she stated. “Mariah, for me, is just such a legend.”

Many others share the same sentiment: Carey has sold almost as many albums worldwide (200 million) as the rest of the “American Idol” alums (270 million)… combined. And Pasqualone revealed a little bit of insight about the diva heading in to “Hollywood Week,” which has already been taped.

“I’d say that Mariah’s definitely a little more mellow coming in to ‘Hollywood Week,” she said. “I think they definitely gelled – it was funny watching back last night and just seeing their whole dynamic, not just my audition but everyone’s audition.”

Pasqualone was pretty tight lipped otherwise; predicting that we’ll get to know her a little better once the city auditions finish.

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