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Beluga Heights/Warner Bros. recording artist Auburn performed for 97 BHT listeners inside Club HD at Evolution inside The Woodlands on Thursday, September 16.

J.R. Rotem signed Minnesota-native Auburn well before the producer discovered the likes of Jason Derulo and Iyaz. The “La La La” singer and Rotem go way back – so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that she has a special nickname for him.

“That’s ‘Cookie!’” exclaimed Auburn, referring to Rotem. “There’s this place in Hollywood where they have the best cookies, and they’re called DeLuscious Cookies. The average person can only eat one, or a half of one. J.R. ate like six!”

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Auburn credited Rotem’s diet with the reason why he devoured so many – as she claims he’s a very healthy eater most of the time, so this was his one chance to splurge.

The singer didn’t just talk about food though – she also revealed that Rotem will executive producer her LP. The album is still untitled, and could be released as early as December. First though, a tour with Beluga Heights tour mate Jason Derulo is on the docket.

“Someone ‘tweeted’ me today and said, ‘Is it true that you and Jason Derulo date?’ No!” Auburn emphatically denied, border-line disgusted by the thought. “Those questions are really weird; it feels like incest to me.”

This is Auburn’s first proper tour – she opened for Keyshia Cole before signing a record deal. The trek with Derulo begins in Philadelphia on September 27.

Sure, her label may bill her that way. Yes, you may even think it after listening to “La La La.” But do not call Auburn the “female Jason Derulo.”

Matter of fact, don’t call her the female version of anything.

The MySpace sensation scored a record deal with J.R. Rotem’s Beluga Heights well before Derulo or Iyaz burst on to the scene. Now it’s her turn at stardom with her first single pushed to radio, the catchy “La La La”, which features her labelmate Iyaz.

Auburn checked in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” to shed some light on the track and the path she took to reach the current point of her career.

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