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AUDIO: Tax Practioner on Rihanna’s Audit and Lawsuit

Rihanna’s latest hit is called “Where Have You Been?” She’s asking that question about millions of dollars that went missing following an unsuccessful tour and an alleged mismanagement of her funds, and now she’s bringing her ex-accountants to court.New York-based tax practitioner David Selig says that the federal audit could ultimately show whether or not… Read more »

AUDIO: Tax Practioner Says Lauryn Hill Could Face Jail Time

Perhaps the miseducation of Lauryn Hill also included tax laws. The Grammy award winner owes three years worth of taxes, spanning a period from 2005 through 2007 when she allegedly made over $1.6 million.New York-based tax practitioner David Selig does not think this will end well for Hill, especially in light of her comments that… Read more »

AUDIO: Tax Practioner Breaks Down Sean Kingston’s IRS Debt

Somebody call 911… another singer has allegedly not paid his taxes. TMZ reports that Sean Kingston owes the IRS over $131,000 dating back to money he made in 2009.New York-based tax practitioner David Selig believes the discrepancy may have arisen from a 1099 form that Kingston could have simply ignored. With new technology in place,… Read more »

AUDIO: Tax Practioner Not Quick to Assume Super Producer Owes Georgia Money

TMZ reports that The Dream, a big time producer behind such hits as Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” recently had a state tax lien filed against him by Georgia for $117,401. If he had initially paid his taxes, he would’ve owed almost half of that. But since 2007, penalities and interest have accrued on the outstanding debt.New York-based… Read more »