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The original plan was to fly to San Diego for the Fourth of July weekend. I have never been to the sunniest city in the country and the Yankees would be in town playing the Padres. Simultaneously crossing a city and baseball stadium off the list over a long weekend sounded like a solid plan to me.

Then, my cousin Anthony called. His fiancé was flying to New York to look for a wedding dress and she suggested he tag along to see me (after all, I am in the wedding). Also the last time Anth stayed with me in the city, there were still boxes from the movers in my living room; it had been a few years.

So I scratched the plans to fly out, took Friday off of work, and bar-hopped with my cousin on the Upper West Side. It was fun for a couple of reasons: I love when I get to spend time with him and given my schedule, a weekday happy hour is as rare as a Donald Trump apology. Not to mention that when he visited me just months after I moved here, I wasn’t as familiar with the area and we didn’t spend much time at my apartment anyways. So it was nice to have a lay of the land and show him around – from the excellent Bloody Mary at The Dead Poet to the oyster and Italian beer special at Tarralucci e Vino.

On Friday night we ate dinner with his fiancé’s family. They spent Saturday dress shopping; we eased in to the day by heading downtown and finding Anthony a tuxedo at my favorite boutique, John Varvatos’ flagship store at 315 Bowery, the old CBGBs. From there, we celebrated with a few more beers, watched Italy lose to Germany (ugh) in the EuroCup, then made our way to Citi Field where the Mets beat the Cubs (another ugh).

Sunday was another great day; brunch on the roof of Eataly and pizza from Grimaldi’s with another Bloody Mary or two in between. They took off in the afternoon for the airport and I headed back to my hood to run in Central Park and begin working off the libations.

It was a perfect weekend: Anthony found his tux, his fiancé found her dress and I can still look forward to visiting San Diego one day.

I clicked on my blog, and I can’t remember being so taken aback. The amount of posts, or rather lackthereof, in the past few weeks were beyond disappointing for me.

Not that I offended anyone or anything by this, but still, let me apologize. The past few weeks were riddled with lots of news, lots of work, and little time for blog posts. Plus, the five days I spent on vacation/in Los Angeles, along with the holiday, didn’t help any.

All that aside, I enjoyed my time off and am quite happy to return to the grind. My 4th was spent in a traditional sense, balancing afternoon siestas and all night benders with BBQs, frosty beverages, and the occasional viewing of fireworks. I almost drove back to Niagara Falls for the latter part of the weekend, but decided against it, as I needed to rest/pack/prepare for my cross country trip later in the week.

The synopsis of my trip to Los Angeles is probably not what you would expect: no VIP, no Hollywood, no downtown LA, no beaches, no celebrity sightings. Although, when I arrived at the airport, there was a guy with a sign that read, “R. Aversa.”

Trust me, I’m perfectly okay with that. Honestly, the only thing on my to-do list that didn’t get checked off was to finally meet TMZ’s Leslie Harris. But I’ll catch her next time, all good.

I did meet a lot of great people – saw Burbank (NBC, WB), Pasadena, and chilled in sunnier Whittier, where I befriended a number of my friend’s sorority sisters from Whittier College.

Like I said, I was perfectly okay with my trip.

However, while my health, happiness, and dignity traveled to and returned from the west coast, my BlackBerry did not. Thankfully I didn’t lose too many numbers, and Verizon allowed me to upgrade to the new Tour (which btw, is amazing). But, I utilized the BBerry camera as my primary memory keeper for the trip – and the memory card on which those pictures were stored is now gone. Lesson learned.

To see the few pictures I did manage to upload before my BlackBerry was misplaced/stolen (somewhere between the Radisson LAX Valet Driver taking my rental and the shuttle to the airport), check out my Facebook page.

Oh, and what did I think of Los Angeles? The trip brought me the furthest west I’d ever been… but I’m still an east coast guy… even if my BlackBerry preferred to stick around.

the facebook album is here.

the facebook album is here.