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YOUTUBE TUESDAY: Greyson Chance Covers GaGa, Kid Cries Over Football, Soldier Comes Out to Dad

First, a serious video… watch as this soldier tells his father over the telephone that he’s gay. Of course, the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy has been repealed.We are the YouTube generation, sharing moments with the world that one would’ve never thought practical, let alone possible. Here’s another one of those moments, although far… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Greyson Chance Almost Covered Augustana, not Lady GaGa, at School Performance

A week before his junior high school’s festival in Edmond, OK, Greyson Chance answered a small question in a big way, and the decision has yet to cease yielding dividends. Inspired by her 2009 MTV Video Music Awards performance, the 13 year-old chose to play a rendition of Lady GaGa’s “Paparazzi” in front of his… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Miranda Cosgrove Preps for First Tour and College

As if a new Max Martin-produced single, a hit TV show, and an upcoming headlining tour weren’t enough for Miranda Cosgrove, the 17 year-old is simultaneously preparing for what may be the biggest task of all: college. “I’m kind of leaning toward (University of Southern California) for two years, (New York University) for two years… Read more »