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First, a serious video… watch as this soldier tells his father over the telephone that he’s gay. Of course, the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy has been repealed.

We are the YouTube generation, sharing moments with the world that one would’ve never thought practical, let alone possible. Here’s another one of those moments, although far more lighthearted. Apparently this kid is a big Utah Utes football fan.

Finally, Greyson Chance has once again captured the attention of Lady GaGa and many others online with another cover. Here’s the teenager’s take on Mother Monster’s Yoü and I.

A week before his junior high school’s festival in Edmond, OK, Greyson Chance answered a small question in a big way, and the decision has yet to cease yielding dividends. Inspired by her 2009 MTV Video Music Awards performance, the 13 year-old chose to play a rendition of Lady GaGa’s “Paparazzi” in front of his school.

“The other song that I was actually thinking about covering was a song called, ‘Fire’, by Augustana, which is actually on my physical single right now,” Chance revealed in a sit-down interview with “The Ralphie Radio Show,” which aired Monday evening.

Obviously he made the right call, and 37 million YouTube views later, Chance finds himself in a position that musicians triple his age would salivate over. The teenager is signed to Ellen DeGeneres’ eleveneleven imprint, and is co-managed by Guy Oseary (Madonna) and Troy Carter (Lady GaGa). Chance currently finds himself touring the country in support of Miranda Cosgrove. But what he doesn’t find himself doing may surprise you even more.

“I’ve actually only seen the video twice,” said Chance of the performance which sparked all of this, taped by his father back in Oklahoma. “I sometimes go back a little, but I always put it on mute. I don’t like hearing myself.”


Chance admits that when he listens back, he begins to become too critical of his work, his manerisms… even his wardrobe. The kid is astonishing – he acts, speaks, and sings as if a 30 year-old is stuck in his 13 year-old frame. And with his talent and the all-star support group surrounding him, Greyson Chance surely will be astonishing the masses for many years to come. The singer/songwriter is working on his debut album, which he says is “about 60 percent” finished, and is due out before the end of the year. The first single, “Waiting Outside the Lines,” is available now.

As if a new Max Martin-produced single, a hit TV show, and an upcoming headlining tour weren’t enough for Miranda Cosgrove, the 17 year-old is simultaneously preparing for what may be the biggest task of all: college.

“I’m kind of leaning toward (University of Southern California) for two years, (New York University) for two years – that’s the ultimate dream,” revealed Cosgrove on “The Ralphie Radio Show” of her collegiate aspirations. “It’d be nice just to like, get kind of used to college and still be by my family and then, take a big leap and go to New York.”

Cosgrove is filling out applications in between radio shows and other professional commitments. As an alumnus of Syracuse University – I wondered who Cosgrove would tab to write her letters of recommendation… perhaps a label mate at Columbia Records?

“That would be so cool… I’m going to do that after this!” Cosgrove joked after I suggested specifically she text Columbia’s Lee Leipsner and inquire if he could put in a good word with Steven Tyler. “(I’ll get) all of Aerosmith.”


Before joking about calling in a few favors, Cosgrove said she wasn’t sure who would write the letters. She also was unaware that she would have to write a separate set of essays for each application. The “iCarly” star is applying to “about six” different schools – and I’m sure you’ve heard of a few of ‘em.

“Let’s see… Yale, Berkeley,” she listed, in addition to of course the aforementioned USC and NYU. “I don’t know why, going in, I thought you just had to write one really major essay.”

Cosgrove will have plenty of time to both write essays and grow accustomed to being away from home next year, when she kicks off her “Dancing Crazy Tour” – a 22 date trek that kicks off in Kansas City on January 24. YouTube star turned “Ellen” show sweetheart Greyson Chance will serve as the opening act for the show, which wraps February 24 in Anaheim.

“I’m excited – this is my first time on a bus,” Cosgrove noted. “I think I’m going to bring one of my best friends with me and my mom, so it’s gonna be really cool.”

The “Kissin U” singer is no stranger to traveling – she recently returned from Sweden where she collaborated with super-producer Martin (Britney Spears, Pink… everyone on the radio). The visit overseas yielded the title track for this upcoming tour.

“It’s called ‘Dancing Crazy’ so it’s a really fun song. I kind of just wanted to do a song that like, people could just drive around with their tops down and just put it on and have a really good time.”

Ironic given that Cosgrove doesn’t have her driver’s license yet – but good luck penciling that in to her schedule.