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EXCLUSIVE: Kat DeLuna Announces Sophomore U.S. Album, ‘ViVa’

Kat DeLuna made it official Wednesday night on “The Ralphie Radio Show” – Inside Out, the original title to her sophomore U.S. album, is out. The 23 year-old revealed that the LP will be entitled, ViVa, and she plans to drop it this year. “I released (Inside Out), the European version, in Belgium last year,”… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Kat DeLuna Insists ‘Inside Out’ Will Be Released This Year

Kat DeLuna insists, Inside Out, her sophomore LP, will be released this year. “No, no, no, not hopefully, it is!” she quickly replied, correcting my statement that she’d “hopefully” release the album later this year. “We haven’t picked the precise date yet, but looking toward around the summer.” Some may have been wondering if DeLuna… Read more »