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I stopped by WBRE’s “PA Live!” for my weekly segment, “The Ralphie Report.” This week, I talked about YouTube sensation Karmin, joked with Jason Derulo, and previewed Justin Bieber’s holiday radio special.

To say 2011 was a big year for Karmin would be a big understatement. Since the duo’s cover of Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” went viral to the tune of almost 50 million views – Karmin has appeared on “Ellen,” landed a deal with Epic Records, and premiered a music video in Times Square. But Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan are also engaged, so when are they fitting in a wedding?


“So, we originally set the first date for 9/10/11,” Noonan revealed on “The Ralphie Radio Show” when he and Heidemann sat down for an interview. “Of course, things were a little cray-cray, so we had to push it back a little bit. But we’re hoping to do it maybe sometime in the summer, early summer.”

Noonan joked that he needs to lock down a ceremony soon, as his fiancé has a lot more options these days. But all kidding aside, the couple is quite busy promoting their new single and music video for “Crash Your Party.” A debut album has already been written and recorded, and is slated for a February release.

“We didn’t have a million views (on YouTube) until we did ‘Look at Me Now,’” Heidemann noted. “It was ‘woop,’ million views, and then five million, and ten million, and now it has 50 million.”

Now almost any video the couple uploads reaches the six figures in views immediately. After “Look at Me Now,” an appearance on “Ellen” fueled their popularity even further. Karmin still uploads covers to its channel, in addition to videos documenting their travels and the journey that they now find themselves on in the music industry.

And to think, heading in to this year, the couple probably would’ve just been happy with a wedding.

From the YouTube sensation that brought you this amazing cover of “Look at Me Now,” comes this new, original (sans the sample of “The Choice is Yours”) single.

And if you needed anymore proof at the strength and power of radio, check out the Boston couple’s reaction when they heard the track on-air for the first time. Amazing.

This video has gone extremely viral – a kid offering inspiration to others after learning how to ride his bicycle.

Just as much of a feel good story here: a soldier uses the Kansas City Royals to propose to his girlfriend.

And Karmin is back, this time teaming up with ?uestlove from The Roots to cover Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.”

Look at the person, listen to the sounds coming from her… just doesn’t match.

Speaking of unique – many are saying her cover is better than the original – a Katy Perry-meets-Nicki Minaj flow.

Finally, a royal take on GaGa’s “Bad Romance”