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It’s funny how a number one album can change your whole perspective on things.

The trials and tribulations between Lupe Fiasco and Atlantic Records are well documented, specifically over the release of Lupe’s latest LP, Lasers. Atlantic tried to give Lupe the songs “Nothin’ On You” and “Airplanes” – aiming to bring him to a mainstream audience. Fiasco wanted none of it. Back and forth the two sides argued until Lupe conceded and released some of the tracks his label wanted on the album. Fiasco says in the end, he wanted to make sure the project saw the light of day for his fans who so highly anticipated it.

Lasers debuted at number one, and the first single, “The Show Goes On” recently topped the charts. So can bygones just be bygones?

“We’ll see,” Lupe said to me on the red carpet of the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. Fiasco performed with Trey Songz on the awards show Sunday evening in Los Angeles. “All of that’s kind of in the past now, but we’ll see.”

Despite his dismissal of past tensions with Atlantic and the LP’s success, Fiasco still feels he didn’t receive enough freedom with the final track listing. Nonetheless, the Chicago-emcee is already working on Food and Liquor 2.

While speaking to a group of reporters, Tyrese Gibson had quite the Freudian-slip. Dennis Pastorizo of asked the actor what his “Best Kiss” on camera was. Gibson misspoke and responded with Megan Fox before quickly blurting out Good – as in actress Meagan Good. The “Transformers” star laughed off his gaffe before leaving the carpet altogether. Tyrese and Good co-starred in a music video together – and Good took home the “Best Kiss” award for another piece of work at the ’07 MTV Movie Awards.

Selena Gomez wasted no time getting down the carpet – escorted by a flurry of bodyguards and publicists. She did not walk with boyfriend Justin Bieber. My guess is that Gomez’s people want the focus to move away from her relationship with the pop star and on to the new movie she’s in, “Monte Carlo.” Bieber did arrive at the awards show later, showing up backstage after his documentary “Never Say Never” won a canister of gold popcorn.

The Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl was also in a rush down the carpet – but at least he had a legit reason. The lead singer revealed to me that his band was opening the show, so he couldn’t stop for interviews.

We’ll see how Paul McDonald manages his engagement to Nikki Reed this summer while he’s on tour. The “American Idol” finalist and the “Twlight” actress met in March and showed off their new bling on the red carpet on Sunday. McDonald told me that he’s looking forward to “Idols Live” which kicks off this July and runs through September.

How are things going for Tila Tequila these days? She was about five spots away from me on the carpet… no, not walking it. The former reality TV star was hosting a live video stream for a website. I’ll let you be the judge.

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In the latest edition of Allure, Megan Fox talks about her OCD. “The RRS” spoke with expert Dr. Robert Melillo about the condition.

Dr. Melillo authored the book, Disconnected Kids.

It’s been quite the 2009 for The Veronicas, and the year is only half complete.

The first six months have catapulted Jess and Lisa Origliasso, twin sisters from Australia, in to the American public eye. Surely no one in the mainstream media noticed the duo this much since Lisa dated Ryan Cabrera back in 2006. But now, The Veronicas are gaining attention in the States for all the right reasons – a hit single in “Untouched” – a cameo and performance in 90210 – and now a cross-country tour with opening acts Carney and The Pretty Reckless. Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen fronts the latter band.

This Saturday, that tour detours to the F.M. Kirby Center for 97 BHT’s Summer Jam 2009. Joining the three aforementioned acts will be Lesley Roy (“I’m Gone I’m Going”, “Unbeautiful”), Safetysuit (“Stay”), Jada, and Lovesick Radio, with Scranton’s own DJ Woogie in the mix all night long.

Jess Origliasso proved she could readily multi-task a few weeks ago, calling up “The Ralphie Radio Show” while shopping at a small boutique in Ohio.

“The audience is always very in to it, like everyone’s dancing along and sings along,” Jess explained of the live set – which will also include The Veronicas’ latest single, “Take Me On The Floor.” “It’s just a really, really good time.”

More than music is working in favor of the Origliasso twins. FHM recently placed the sisters at number two on their “Sexiest Women in the World” list, bested only by actress Megan Fox.

“We were six and seven last year, and we’re number two this year, so maybe we can kick Megan Fox off next year,” Jess hoped. “Although, (Fox is) pretty sexy, so it might be hard.”

Safetysuit missed out on any “sexiest lists”, but the band has cultivated diverse following through music that appeals to multiple radio formats. “Stay” is the break out mainstream song for the Oklahoma-based quartet.

”Nobody can figure it all out, but we can atleast try,” lead singer Doug Brown said of the song’s theme. “’Stay’ was an awesome song to write… it’s an emotion that everyone gets to go through.”

Brown also spoke on the band’s name, which started as, “The Crew.”

”Supposedly there’s some band called Motley Crew out there,” Brown joked, before explaining that Tommy Lee’s band successfully executed a cease and desist on “The Crew.” Another name, “The Safety”, also brought forth copyright issues, so finally the guys used a song called “Precious Suit” by Aqualung to finish out the new, legal name.

Tickets are still on sale for 97 BHT’s Summer Jam 2009, with ticket prices as low as $9.71 – yes, clever we are.

Listen to The Ralphie Radio Show weekdays from 5-10 pm on 97 BHT.

Jess of The Veronicas calls up The Ralphie Radio Show to chat about 90210, the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in The World list, “Take Me On The Floor”, and headlining 97 BHT’s “Summer Jam 2009”.

Part 1: “90210”, Summer Jam, Drunk Dialing/Texting

Part 2: “Take Me On The Floor”, FHM 100 Sexiest Women

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FHM calls her one of the most sexiest women in the world. In her home country of Australia, the singer’s personal life creates as many headlines as the music she makes with her twin sister, Lisa. And you don’t have to travel any further than the duo’s latest single to pick up on the bisexual tendacies. 

Jess Origliasso comprises one half of the power-pop group The Veronicas. The Australian-imports will headline 97 BHT’s Summer Jam 2009 on June 6 – coincidentally enough, my 24th birthday.

“You’re a younger man than me!” Jess exclaimed after I informed her how old I’d be turning. Of course, Origliasso isn’t that much my elder – her birthday is on December 25, 1984. I immediately rebuffed that our age difference is not notable.

“You can prove me wrong when we see you babe,” the singer responded – as I immediately began to wonder if Jess flirted with all radio DJs like this.
Anyways, what is notable is The Veronicas current run in America – they haven’t gained this much attention in the states since Lisa dated Ryan Cabrera. “Untouched”, the first single from Hook Me Up, gained a solid amount of radio airplay across the nation, and suddenly the group became relevant again, sans the rumored relationships.
Now the sisters are touring the country and popping up on television, with a recent cameo on The CW’s 90210.

“We were doing a show in Ohio, and they had the TV’s on while we were on stage,” Jess said. “(The cameo) came on as we were on stage.” 

Speaking of female-friendly TV shows, The Veronicas currently have The Pretty Reckless opening up for them. TPR, also on the Summer Jam bill, is fronted by Gossip Girl‘s Taylor Momsen.

“She’s a really cool chick,” Jess commented on Momsen. “We’re always giving support and power to women in music.”

But the ladies tour and support the fellas too – most recently The White Tie Affair. When I spoke with lead singer Chris Wallace a few weeks ago, the Chicago-native insisted I bring up his name during the interview.

“We drunk text each other all the time,” revealed Origliasso. “We have lovely drunk text conversations.”

Jess didn’t elaborate, although if you listened or read about my interview with TWTA, I could only imagine what those messages entailed. 

I suppose all of the aforementioned comes with the territory when you and your sister are named the second most beautiful women in the world by FHM. If you’re wondering, the ladies lost out on the top spot to actress Megan Fox.

“She’s pretty sexy,” said Origliasso of The Transformers star. I immediately responded that it sounded as if she had a crush on Fox. “She’s gorgeous, who wouldn’t?”

Yup, let the rumors begin.

like, all the time. like, a teenager.

like, if you don’t believe me, read this.
like, all the time. like, a teenager.

like, if you don’t believe me, read this.