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It is quite ironic that V V Brown sampled “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” for her song “Children,” the first single for an album entitled, Lollipops & Politics. The irony did not get past the singer.

“When we were making this song, I was outside and I heard an ice cream truck go by,” explained Brown in studio on “The Ralphie Radio Show” of how the track came about. “I just sampled (the song) on my iPhone. I wanted to talk about the youth and politics, generation, in a pop, sort of culture way.”


But then Brown did a little research on “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” and found out that the children’s song was derived from an old military tune that soldiers would sing, “Do Your Balls Hang Low?” You can’t combine lollipops and politics much more than that.

In typical V V-fashion, the sample heard in the final version of “Children” is the actual recording of the ice cream truck from her iPhone. On Brown’s debut LP, Traveling Like the Light, all of the vocals used for the album were taken from demo cuts. The UK-born artist kept the same formula for her sophomore record.

“Still the same kind of ‘rough’ thing,” Brown said of the recording process. “I believe that you capture magic when you’re in the moment.”

It is staying in the moment, and not getting too consumed in it, that Brown is trying to teach herself to do more often on her second run in the U.S. Specifically, the singer is applying this mentality when performing on television, as she is conscious of not “overdoing it.”

“We managed to do David Letterman and ‘Ellen,’” recalled Brown. “It made me realize that when you’re performing, you almost have to perform less for the TV, because if you do an extremely exaggerated performance and give it everything, it looks (like) too much when you watch it back.”

The other thing Brown learned from her first go-around on the American tube? The myth is true: Letterman’s “Late Show” studio is indeed freezing cold.

Maroon 5, here’s your “call and response.” Owl City – sleep on this. VV Brown knows what she’s in for on her upcoming trek with both acts.

“I’ve heard that (the guys in Maroon 5) are pranksters,” noted Brown, who kicks off her slate of dates with the band on August 5. “Well, I’m a prankster,” she warned, half in jest.

While the fellas of M5 are chill, laid back, and relatively social – I warned VV when she stopped by “The Ralphie Radio Show” on Wednesday that Owl City’s Adam Young is the exact 180 – shy and introverted from all reports I’ve heard.

“Oh no, I can charm a lion,” she responded, dismissing my claim. “I think sometimes, people just need to be understood. I’ll try and understand him.”

I wished her the best of luck with that task.

Part 1: Touring, Trickers, Big Bird

Part 2: “Shark in the Water”, Lost Guitar

“(Young) is probably sick of people kissing his butt all the time, and he just needs someone real to just tell him how it is,” continued Brown. “I always keep it real.”

The UK singer isn’t joking with that claim – all of her vocals from Traveling Like the Light are the demo versions – no retouching, no auto-tune, no thirty takes of one note. But just because she’s real, doesn’t mean she isn’t awkward, at times.

“I’m the kind of person that talks about inappropriate things at the wrong time,” admitted the artist, before offering up an example. “Just talking about poo around the dinner table… I’m very honest as well.”

If I could only be a fly inside the catering tent for this tour.