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INTERVIEW: V V Brown Talks ‘Lollipops & Politics’ and Performs ‘Children’ Acoustic

It is quite ironic that V V Brown sampled “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” for her song “Children,” the first single for an album entitled, Lollipops & Politics. The irony did not get past the singer. “When we were making this song, I was outside and I heard an ice cream truck go by,” explained… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: VV Brown Plans To Prank Maroon 5 & Keep It Real With Owl City

Maroon 5, here’s your “call and response.” Owl City – sleep on this. VV Brown knows what she’s in for on her upcoming trek with both acts. “I’ve heard that (the guys in Maroon 5) are pranksters,” noted Brown, who kicks off her slate of dates with the band on August 5. “Well, I’m a… Read more »