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A Weekend Wedding And The Fresh Prince Of Amtrak Delays

Now this is a story all about how my Saturday got flipped-turned upside down. Royalty and the west coast are not involved but Philadelphia serves as one of the backdrops. The plan was simple: take an early afternoon Amtrak to Philadelphia, attend the wedding of friend/former intern/past-contributor Jessie Holeva, enjoy the reception and catch a… Read more »

LIFE AND STYLE WEEKLY: News On Anna Kendrick, Will Smith, JLO

Life & Style Weekly reports that Anna Kendrick and Jen Aniston did not get along on the set of their new movie together. Senior News Editor Jordi Lippe also talked about Will Smith and his wife’s latest argument and the incentive that JLO’s exes have to help pen a “tell-all” on “Ralphie Tonight.”

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top of the mornin’ to ya! blogging live from gate 5 at the extravagent wilkes-barre scranton international airport. a.j. in the afternoon insisted i leave my wilkes-barre apartment by 6:20 for my 8a flight. however, judging by the traffic, check-in line, and security line – or the lackthereof for the aforementioned – i suppose i… Read more »