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I don’t have the single, but I do have the readily available demo, which no one knows is the next single from the forthcoming BSB CD…Produced by Dr. Dre, f. Chris Brown… Backstreet will be Back this spring… BTW, this shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially if you listened to Howie talk about the new CD on… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: howie from backstreet boys…

Backstreet’s Back on Saturday 11/1 at the Wachovia Arena, and Howie told Ralphie what to expect regarding the show and the new CD to be released next year – a Lil Wayne collab?Part 1: The Tour, The New CD (w/ Ryan Tedder, T-Pain, Akon, & Lil Wayne)Part 2: Thoughts on the end of MTV’s TRLbig… Read more »